G195: Love Beyond Death

PCs: Bouvier de Flanders, "Cut" Coutelain, Ja'Tubis, Klang, Martin le Black, Pritchard de Marais, Roland de Marais
NPCs: Munda, Thymli, Arielle, Zenobia


Losses and Loot

The PCs defeated one vulture-headed demon, three carrion crawlers, four runic golems, the undead Giraud de Cezarin, eight orcs and one orcish sergeant.

Treasures acquired included five elaborate silver braziers, two wedding rings, a copper and garnet ring of fire resistance, a strikingly patterned doubling cloak, Giraud's lab notes, a fine silver coffer, a scroll of fireball, Giraud's spellbook, Giraud's journal, and 2400gp.

For monsters defeated, treasure acquired and taxes paid, each party member received 1742gp and 793xp.

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