G194: In Search of Tsojcanth, Part I


Cut Coutelaine
Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Wintergreen the Elf
Roland, The Lord Zanzibar
Martin Le Black

Enemies Slain
1 Blue Dragon
3 Hill Giants
1 Magical Ape
40 goblins (slain or driven away)
1 furry poisonous snake

Treasures Retrieved
Dragon Hoard:
Scroll of 6 clerical spells
Magic javelin
jeweled cup
silver dagger with lapis lazuli handle
gems: a bunch of little ones and 2-3 big ones
coins: some platinum, larger amounts of gold, electrum, silver, copper

giant hoard:
pile of approx. 2000 g.p. (silver and copper traded to gnomes for healing)

Traded magical arrows, a wyvern egg, and scroll of detect invisible to gnomes for magical services.

The company traveled north and met with the Glantri force led by the Lord Piedmont. They were relieved to see us as the Lord had been acting strangely. Investigation revealed that Piedmont had been possessed by the spirit of a druid, Jaggert, the last remaining member of the the Silk Men. He told us that the Silk Men had met thier doom in the caverns of Iglew. He alone lived. After asking that we retrieve the bodies of his companions from the caverns and giving us rudimentary directions, he left the body of Piedmont.

According to Jaggert, the caverns are north, turning from the path when we come to a gnarled cypress tree, look north to see Iglew's horn, a peak miles away. THe entrance to the cavern is underneath the horn.

Discussion with Piedmont followed and the company continued north to the cypress tree. Before we could turn to the north a blue dragon landed. In brief parley the dragon said it would let us pass in exchange for our magic items. We slew it, but not without some serious injury to the party.

After discussion, the party decided to carry the dressed dragon carcass back towards Lord Piedmont's brigade. An ambush perpetrated by giants and thier goblin minions infliced further damage, but the party prevailed. Wintergreen was almost slain but bandaging recovered him to consciousness.

A day was spend searching for the giants' lair and looting their gold. The party spent a night uneventfully in the reeking giant cave, then returned to the gnome village for rest and advice.

Prevailing upon the good services of the gnomes the party journeyed north to the dragon's cave.

Loot was found, but also a darkly enchanted scroll which summoned a strange enchanted ape that attacked Pritchard…

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