G193: In Search of Tsojcanth, Part I


Rumors of long-lost caverns important to the ancient archmage Iggwilv have the party trawling the mountains between Glantri and Darokin in search of their location. They are given the name of a Glantrian captain who has been charged with his own exploration: Lord Piedmont.

Not long into the craggy, twisted valleys of the region the party thwarts a rather inept attempt at an ambush by a number of gnolls, who had taken out a small company of Darokinese soldiers. One of the gnolls is Charmed by Pritchard Hood. This gnoll, Urlock, helps lead them to where some Ogres are captive/tormented by a pair of massive Stone Giants, who are throwing boulders at one of the tiny Ogres in fun. After a heated battle, during which the Ogres insensibly take their captors' side, the party prevails.

Following the advice of one of their number, Glacier the Elf, who has been in the area before, the party locates a large sub-valley run by a large number of gnomes, experts at the ways of the Floating Disk. There, the party aims to recuperate, and are given safety for the night after dispatching a pair of Wyverns that had been scouting the tiny gnomes for prey. After dispatching the beasts, Cut Cutelain has a harrowing climb up to the nest to see what they might have there.

Cut Coutelaine
Pritchard Hood
Bouvier des Flanders
Wintergreen the Elf

Enemies Slain
2 Wyverens
5 Ogres
2 Giants
8 Gnolls

Treasures Retrieved
4,375 g.p.
10 gems @ 100 g.p. each
1 gem @ 500 g.p.
Scroll of Shocking Grasp, Bigby's Crushing Hand
Quiver of magic arrows
3 Wyvern Eggs
Scrolls of plans and communications between expeditionary force and Darokin command

1,010 exp each
1,018 g.p. each

A party of the Company of Crossed Swords met with Gerard, a patron, who related to them recent intelligence of an area that had recently been determined to be the location of an outpost of one "Igwillew." While other forces had been sent to the region for exploration, the Company was welcome to explore also.

Gerard gifted the company with a map of the area (consisting of what intelligence had already come to him of the mountainous region), a potion of trianoma for each expedition member, and a magical gem that would allow Audrey to convene with the expedition up to five times.

Gerard was careful to let the Company know that another Glantrian force had already departed for the area under command of one Lord Piedmont. We were given a letter of introduction and recommendation addressed to the Lord.

Upon entering the territory we proceeded north. We met a riderless, wounded horse on the trail and followed it to the site of an ambush. We revenged a pile of slain Darokinese warriors by slaying a small tribe of gnolls. A gnoll charmed during that encounter led the party to a gnoll encampment where the party spent the night and recovered a modest portion of loot.

The next day exploration continued and the party came to a valley populated by giants and ogres. After slaying the giants and their attendant ogres, the party secured some further treasure. But not without injury.

TO recuperate the party made alliance with a group of gnomes who lived in the mountains. THe gnomes were unsure of us and requested two services. First, to clear their valley of some boulders. Second, to slay the wyverns who plauged their sky. After moving the boulders and spending an evening in rest, the party sought out and dispatched the wyverns. The nest included several treasures and three eggs. Upon successful return the party was now seen as friends to the gnomes.

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