G18: The Temple Of The Frog

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This session was played on November 12, 2009, featuring Aehie, Arnold Littleworth, Bryon, Cervelle d'Asperge, Colin, Father Mirot, Hamish the Dim, Martin and Robert Hazart.


I: Through the Magician’s Gate
The Company of Crossed Swords, having acquired a swath of brass dragon hide too valuable to get a good price for at Eastkeep, not to mention a magical device whose properties remained a mystery, chose to travel to Glantri City to sell the former and research the latter. Upon arriving in the city, they went their own ways for a day to explore the big city and pursue their own agendas.

Our heroes made the acquaintance of the plane-traveling theurgist Arnold Littleworth and put his telepathic sorcery to use to get a good price for the dragon hide. That done, they gathered at the Ruby Falcon to discuss some shady job opportunities Martin had uncovered. The party agreed to accept one of the contracts, which turned out to involve the theft of an idol from a Chaos cult that met in the city sewers — and, if possible, the cult leader's head.

Arnold Littleworth and Colin were unavailable for the task itself, but the Company recruited two new members, the warrior-clerk Bryon and the urchin Ahi, to fill their shoes. The party spent a day casing the house which they’d determined was the cult’s access point to the sewers. After a night’s preparation, they pried up a sewer grate just before dawn and descended into the sewer tunnels, with Aehie riding on Martin’s shoulders so as not to drown in the filth.

II: The Sewers of the Frog Cult
As the party sought its bearings, Arnold cast locate object in hopes of finding the Chaos cult's sacred idol, but found nothing; if the spell had indeed worked, the idol was not close enough to detect. Immediately thereafter, the theurge found himself unmoored from Glantri's plane of existence; he faded away, returning to his home plane.

Climbing to a drier level of cellars, the party found a secret door in a packed storeroom, which led them to a shrine depicting a hideous one-eyed frog god. The four cultists in the room fell quickly to the Company’s blades! An acid trap on one of the room’s other exits proved more dangerous, leaving Cervelle d'Asperge with a nasty scar.

The next room held two bound victims—streetwalkers who’d been kidnapped and abused by the cult! Once unbound and ungagged, the poor women babbled of the hideous frog-men who’d abused them. While Mirot escorted the pair back to the surface, the rest of the party dared a portcullis that led from the room back down into the sewers proper. Martin dragged a cultist’s corpse into the murky water; soon, a quartet of frog monsters came to feed!

Robert’s sleep spell only knocked one frog-man unconscious. A second continued to feed on the cultist’s corpse, leaving only two to fight the party. Cervelle d'Asperge and Martin were soon incapacitated by the creatures’ long, barbed tongues. Even after the portcullis was dropped, the creatures’ tongues lashed out between the bars! But Hamish used his great strength to tear a tongue out at the root, while Robert and Bryon threw burning oil. Eventually, the monsters were all driven off or slain.

Their numbers depleted, the party gathered up an assortment of bulky valuables from the storeroom and returned to the surface, where the sun had risen and the city’s business was in full swing. There, Aehie employed theft, acrobatics and youthful jibber-jabber to distract all passers-by while the party hauled their loot out of the sewer grate and headed home.

III: Losses & Loot
The party killed four frog cultists and one frog-man, and drove off three other frog-men. They acquired a variety of valuables, from casks of wine to polished stone bookends, collectively worth 555gp.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members that entered the sewers each received 102xp.

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