G184: The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part II

PCs: Blackjack Dusseldorf, Charlie Darrowkin, Pigshit Pat, Rondeau, Snickwick
NPCs: Clouseau, Juneau, Moreau, Stephan Sole-le-Main, Trebbelos


Returning once again to Quasqueton, the Company first checked the orcish lair, only to find that the survivors of the Corpse Tree tribe had fled with whatever loot they might have owned. Despondent, they returned to the throne room to search once more for the stairway down. Instead they found an abandoned trophy room full of the mementoes that Roger and Zelig du Gare had brought back from their adventures. They then wandered into the so-called Room of Pools, where they encountered a few minor wandering encounters — exacerbated by Stephan Sole-le-Main's magical drunkenness, caused by drinking from one of the pools.

Abandoning the eastern part of the dungeon, the party went north, only to stumble into a pit trap that dumped them into a pool of cold water far below! Those who fell divested themselves of their armor so as to avoid drowning. The rest of the party disabled the pit's retracting walls, tied a rope, and descended to join their companions. They then took turns to dive into the icy pool to retrieve their equipment. While diving, Blackjack encountered an animated skeleton that sought to drown him! But despite being unarmored and unarmed, the doughty dwarf made short work of the undead thing.

Exploring the rough caverns of this lower level, the Company found a rotten door leading to a smaller cave. Within they found the orcish shaman Ur-Gah, who Snickwick recognized as one of the orcs who had imprisoned him here along with his his companions Frognettle and Grittlesby, years earlier! But not only was the shaman guarded not only by a pack of goblin acolytes, but she also called upon the dread god Cama-Zotz to bring several giant bats and a swarm of lesser bats to her defense!

This battle was particularly brutal, and Stephan Sole-le-Main lost his life. But the shaman finally fell, and the Company looted her corpse. Finding little of value, Snickwick used his power to speak with animals on a bat to learn that Ur-Gah had another lair elsewhere. With his aid, the Company passed through a vast bat-filled cavern to loot Ur-Gah's altar to Cama-Zotz, filling their pockets with coins and gems.

Still no closer to uncovering the sword √Član, the Company retrieved the heavier bits of loot from the trophy room and departed Quasqueton once more.

Losses and Loot

The PCs defeated four large spiders, two orcish ghouls, the orcish shaman Ur-Gah, twelve goblin acolytes and seven giant bats.

Treasures acquired included several holy symbols, a stuffed cockatrice, four stuffed dragon paws, several old flags, a hand mirror, a walnut and silver commemorative plaque, a keg of good wine, a dented silver box, half a dozen gems and a scattering of coins.

For monsters defeated and treasure acquired, each party member received 519gp and 89xp.

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