G184 Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and inter-session activity for G184: The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part II


With his mug newly restored by the magics of his darling Micheline, Martín Le Black will contract the city's finest available armorsmith to craft a fancy helmet to better protect his moneymaker. Given the regularity with which the Chateau's various insects, undead, and other miscreants elect to savage his face, this seems a logical and pressing course of action.

Martín will spend 2000gp on this marvel of craftsmanship. Basically, we're looking at a flip up operation with an Iron Man style grill and a portrait of MLB painted on the front (I can draw pictures to clarify as needed). The helmet should allow for perfect protection of the Trollslayer's beauty; full access to facilities of speech, breathing, and hearing; a handsome portrait of Le Black; and the ability to flip the facemask back as needed when he needs to turn the charm on.

Given the cost of the item (comparable to fancy-pants field plate) the expectation is that this will provide comprehensive face protection vs. disfigurement.

The master armorer Antoine d'Estarc agrees to manufacture this marvelous headgear. The faceplate will be a mask hammered out to perfectly match Martin's own features, with glass lenses set into the eye-sockets. "You should see as well as you would in a full visored helm," says d'Estarc. "Enchantments can be placed on the lenses to protect them from damage or to further enhance your vision, though of course this will be quite expensive. Also note that a particularly strong blow in the wrong place could damage the hinges; I recommend that your squire keep a prybar handy in case of such an eventuality."

D'Estarc expects to have the helm ready in two months' time, with an additional fitting session one month from now to ensure that the helm fits properly and that its appearance is suitable.


As a first lesson for his new apprentice, Snickwick will set Trebbelos the Teenage Wizard to work scribing scrolls - a scroll of Sleep.

The Gnome will cover material costs, and assist in the scribery by explaining the metaphilosophical underpinnings of the magics at work (the relationship of astral bodies to the dream realm, the inverse mass of slumber, etc). Would it be possible to work together to scribe a version of the spell with a reduced chance of Gnomish failure?

Not sure what the cost would be, he has around 1000gp (for reference, it was 1000gp for the one Snick and Charlie purchased).

The youth spends 500gp on curious parchments, inks and quills, then closets himself for a week in the Company's lodge. His work is successful! Snickwick will have a scroll of sleep after the end of session 185. (Trebbelos gains 500xp and Snickwick gains 250xp; I have added these numbers to the Experience page.)

Unfortunately, Snickwick's contributions to the project are abstruse at best, and do not result in a scroll that is any easier for a gnome to understand and use.

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