G183: The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part I

PCs: Blackjack Dusseldorf, Charlie Darrowkin, Pigshit Pat, Rondeau, Snickwick, Tandier Richar (?)
NPCs: Clouseau, Gateau, Juneau, Moreau


While waiting for the core members of the Company to return from Vulture's Crag, the second string took advantage of Pritchard's absence to explore the ruined fortress of Quasqueton, there to seek the sword √Član, a magical blade of Law requested by the Temple of Trianoma in exchange for resurrecting Rondeau's henchmen. So they entered the place — only to find the chambers just past the entrance had been taken over by a tribe of orcs!

The orcs of the Corpse Tree tribe were felled in a fierce battle that also claimed the life of novice adventurer Tandier. The orcs' mates and spawn barricaded themselves into their lair. Unwilling to press on into the lair, the Company wound their way eastward through Quasqueton's mazelike corridors, as they'd heard from long-ago expeditions that a stairway down to the next level lay that way.

After roving around looted rooms and eliminating a couple of giant rats, the Company made their way to the throne room of Roger and Zelig du Gare. There, shockingly, they found those two long-absent champions seated on their thrones, flanked by four bodyguards! They beckoned the adventurers to approach, but it was a trap — these were not the builders of Quasqueton, but rather a band of dopplegangers.

A long, ferocious battle followed. Most of the Company lay bleeding on the flagstones by the time they finished off the shapeshifters, and Rondeau's henchman Gateau was slain. But behind the thrones they found two chests brimming with coins, a fitting compensation for their payment in blood and tears.

Losses and Loot

The PCs defeated twenty orcs of the Corpse Tree tribe, the orcish subchief, the orcish chief, two giant rats and six doppelgangers.

Treasures acquired included a jeweled dagger in a fancy sheath, 4000gp and 4000sp.

For monsters defeated and treasure acquired, each party member received 751gp and 175xp.

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