G182: Felling the Forgotten King

PCs: Blackjack Dusseldorf, Charlie Darrowkin, Ehric le Clerice, Michel de la Tour, Rondeau


With no obvious prospects other than an agreement to procure glowing purple mushrooms for the plant-magus Gaumont Ox-Eye, the Company's second string decided on yet another go at the so-called Forgotten Tomb of the Warrior King. Having misplaced their map from just a few weeks earlier, they once again entered the place without any real sense of direction, mapping as they went.

After returning to the chamber of glowing mushrooms, killing some mushroom-men, and gathering fungi in a box prepared by Gaumont with a preservative spell, the party decided to wander about for a while. After a few false starts led them to rooms they remembered clearing out on previous ventures, they followed a long, arcing corridor to a chamber full of weird, eyeless gray goblins. Making short work of the creatures, they pressed a surviving prisoner for information, which gave them a heads-up on an even larger pack of eyeless goblins up ahead. Preparation made the battle easy, and only a few goblins survived to flee the area.

The party's sniveling goblin toady didn't survive the following encounters with giant spiders and ghouls, so the party was left to wander once more. Eventually, after circling several times past a tool-strewn niche where someone had once tried to carve a tunnel into the rock, they decided that maybe that forgotten tunneling effort was worth completing. And indeed, after only an hour of work, Blackjack knocked open a hole leading to a vaulted chamber — a tomb!

Once inside, the Company fought a pair of eldritch guardians — a pair of jackals made of congealed darkness. Despite their wounds, they then levered open the tomb's sarcophagus to reveal the gigantic skeleton of the forgotten Warrior King. Naturally the skeleton rose to do battle with the defilers of its tomb! Just as naturally, the party destroyed it and claimed its grave-goods for their own.

Losses and Loot

The PCs defeated five mushroom men, thirty-five eyeless goblins, three giant spiders, six goblin ghouls, two jackals of darkness and the undead Forgotten King.

Treasures acquired included glowing purple mushrooms, assorted jewelry, the Forgotten King's skull, the King's oversized armor and shield, and the enchanted sword Blood of the Mountain.

For monsters defeated and treasure acquired, each party member received 610gp and 205xp.

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