G181 Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and inter-session activity for G180: Vulture's Crag, Part I and G181: Vulture's Crag, Part II.


Upon their triumphant return to Glantri, Martin will accompany Ja Tubis and meet with the merchants and priests to receive the company's reward, and establish a good working relationship with their benefactors.  While Martin understands their distrust of Glantri's nobility - he assures them he is a man of the people, and welcomes their new overlords with open arms!

(This is working under my understanding that these guys are Darokinese - if I am mistaken this may not make sense)

Sadly, the restoration is a benison that the clerics of the trade-gods Pluton and Waukeen have bestowed upon Ja'Tubis alone. It is not a reward for the Company as a whole.

How does Martin express his ire?

To be clear, Martin isn't looking for an additional reward, really just an introduction. As I recall, the reward had originally been mentioned/offered to Martin on the first trip down. My intention is that he be the one (along with Ja) to confirm the clearance of the crag, and develop what is apparently a farily wealthy/powerful contact.

Flush with treasure, bursting with bonhomie and garlanded with the adulation of the people, Martin will award Arielle and Zenobia each with 1000gp for their bravery - most importantly in rescuing the First Captain of the company, and the backbone of the organization (himself).

Arielle and Zenobia express their appreciation for this generous gift, as well as eagerness for further adventuring in Martin's service.

With this done, Martin will have Beaurice rent out a suite of rooms along with board and stabling for himself, the Swordmaidens and his Goblin servants.

Beaurice rents a luxurious suite at the Ruby Falcon for one week, including fine viands, a variety of wines and a copper bath. Martin will be charged 200gp.

Finally, Martin will present himself to the lady Micheline.  After recounting their tales of glory and derring-do (and thanking Micheline for her counsel on the tusk) he will present the flask of mystical mud.   Having precisely provided for the necessary reagents - Martin is ready to have his countenance restored. He will keep Aderoinne's Guardian in hand for the procedure, but will request that Dagobert hold Skaldene while he goes under. (CHA was originally 11, bumped to 15 by Ulululaya, then knocked back to 13 by a succession of blows to the face)

Micheline informs Martin that he is to participate in the rite without apparel or appurtenances of any kind. "If you insist on bringing a blade into the ritual circle, I will take no responsibility for the consequences," she says. "Still, if that is your desire, go ahead. Studying the effect on your physiognomy should prove illuminating."

"Ah, of course, of course" Martin will have Dagobert help him remove the rest of his armor and weapons (and will do a bunch of pushups before returning to Micehline au natural).

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