G180: Vulture's Crag, Part I

PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Bouvier de Flanders, Cut Coutelain, Ja'Tubis, Martin le Black, Pritchard de Marais, Roland de Marais
NPCs: Arielle, Munda, Thymli, Zenobia


After significant pestering from Martin le Black, the Company set out for the Broken Lands to claim the head of the troll shaman Stencheye for the reward (and to get Martin some magic mud for the ritual to restore his Chaos-granted good looks.) Several days of travel brought them deep into the rough terrain between Glantri and Darokin, to where the mesa called Vulture's Crag loomed before a lake of bubbling tar.

Spotting a giant two-headed troll guarding the front entrance, the Company decided to explore the Crag's dozens of cave mouths in search of a back way in. Along with many empty caves, they found one with a handful of trolls (quickly fireballed) and another containing a giant named Zub (quickly befriended). After a night of rest in Zub's cave, they decided to go for the main entrance after all.

The two-headed troll flung a few boulders at the Company as they proceeded up the hill, along with a giant constrictor snake that he kept coiled around his arm. Then Pritchard dimension doored the troll out over the lake of tar. Howling at the drop and the scalding tar, it waded back toward shore through a barrage of arrows, eventually dropping just a few yards from the party.

The party fast-talked its way past the half-trolls just past the main entrance (aided by a charm person spell), and proceeded to the kitchens where they slaughtered a weird hog-headed giant and its trollish assistants. This accomplished, they freed two crippled troll-hunters, Jespa and Lorn, from the cage in which they were held in anticipation of being added to the stewpot. These told the party of various magical items they'd brought with them to fight the trolls, along with how to identify those items and best use them.

They moved on to the trolls' sleeping quarters, where they suffered several wounds in battle with trolls, dire wolves and a huge troll whose scaly blue skin bespoke some additional magic in its bloodline. Spotting an impressively solid door standing ajar just down the hall, they moved in to find the trolls' treasury of goods looted from passing caravans. They also surprised a pair of rogues who had slain the chamber's trollish guards and were in the process of looting the place.

After a quick showdown in which the Company demonstrated its willingness to kill the rogues to get 100% of the treasure, the party filled their bags and turned to leave — only to find that Stencheye, her trolls, and her twin dwarven lovers were waiting for them. Fireballs were flung in both directions; the party suffered badly, but the trolls were hurt worse, and Stencheye fled the scene. The Company proceeded to make their way out in a hurry, leaving the rogues to sift through the remaining valuables and escorting the wounded troll-hunters to safety.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated a two-headed troll, a giant constrictor snake, a hog-headed hill giant, twelve trolls, five half-trolls, two demon-trolls, two dire wolves, a giant troll, two dwarven warriors and the trollish witch-doctor Stencheye.

Treasures acquired included bales of fine cloth, ingots of silver and copper, jars of spices, bottles of good wine, six flasks of acid and two potions of fire breathing.

For monsters defeated, each surviving party member received 2116xp.

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