G17: The Vault Of Illusion, Part II

Real World Info

This session was played on October 29, 2009, featuring Erwan Roparzh, Father Mirot, Go-ak the Frumious, Isaac, Hamish the Dim, Martin, Pimmel, Pony and Robert Hazart.

The events of this session are concurrent with the events of Session 15.


[Note: This summary was provided by Hamish's player, Sternum. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Hamish spent a week or two rolling around the countryside in his wagon, spreading the gospel to rural hamlets and forgotten outposts. At best, he was ignored. At worse, he was run out of town with pitchforks. This drove him into a depression which left him questioning his faith. "Is the Boss truly as insignificant as these people would believe? Perhaps I was a fool to renounce my trust in the Builder."

He returned to Eastkeep and the Company of Crossed Swords, only to find that his friends and former companions were dead. The current incarnation of the mercenary troupe was planning an expedition to yet another dungeon. This one boasted an invisible maze, hat traps, and the potential for ultimate power — a cosmic cube was rumored to be at the maze's center.

Perhaps this was the solution to his crisis of faith!

The Company:

Father Mirot, priest of the deceitful Builder
Martin the Black, a grade-A roughneck
Pimmel, a swordsman
Isaac, a bold fightin' man
Hamish the Dim, priest of the noble Boss
Robert Hazart, a hatless wizard
Pony, a chipper and fleet-footed halfling
Go-ak, a doomed seer
Erwan, a cursed alchemist
And Erwan's wife, a mule

The party entered the dungeon, where their first goal was recovering Robert's hat. It was found where he had left it the week prior, only it had been dissolved by green slime. Erwan attempted to pick it up, and soon his hand was engulfed with the sticky goo. Things could have gotten ugly had not Hamish quickly charred his fingers to the bone with a torch. Despite this mishap and against the advice of everyone in attendance, the mischievous wizard spent the rest of the adventure trying to collect samples of slime for his apothecary. Meanwhile, the party spent about 45 minutes trying to open a false door.

Venturing deeper into the dungeon, the Company encountered an illusionary wall of flames. Hamish, being dim, fell victim to the illusion, and was convinced that it was real. Isaac tried to dismiss the illusionary flames by flipping a lever on the wall, but a contraption within the ceiling doused Martin, Mirot, and Isaac with oil and lit them on fire.

Despite evidence of its falsehood, Hamish was still in awe of the illusionary wall of flame. Isaac sought to expedite the situation by pushing the priest through the wall of fire. Unfortunately, the phantasmal flames gave Hamish phantasmal burns, and he spent much of the rest of the night lamenting his horrible scars.

The cosmic cube was found in a dead end room that was defended by several crystal skeletons. The Company of Crossed Swords entered melee, during which Go-ak was killed. The rest of the team fought bravely and overcame their opponents.

Hamish rushed forward and seized the cosmic cube. He closed his eyes and imaged the world awash with Kirby dots, and all of the Cathedrals of the Builder having their hammer insignias replaced by the Boss's mighty fist. The Boss would become a god to be reckoned with, and Hamish would no longer be an object of ridicule for the local peasantry. The Boss would be SUPREME!

Nothing happened, aside from Father Mirot being somewhat irritated by this apparent heresy.

Robert the Wise, sans hat, discovered a secret door which hid the true cosmic cube. Hamish, suddenly conscious of his weakness for illusion, threw the fake cube aside, assuming that it was a figment of his imagination, only to have it shatter against the wall. For reasons obvious, he was not allowed to handle the "real" cube.

Unfortunately, this cube was a trap as well, and soon our heroes were beset upon by a legion of crystal skeletons. Although Isaac and Mirot both danced upon the very brink of death, the healing power of the Boss's unclean hands kept them fighting until victory was achieved. Battered and half-dead, the party escaped the dungeon and sought refuge in Eastkeep.

Behind closed doors, while the rest of the Company was enjoying delicious victory ale, Erwan the wizard applied his lone droplet of green slime to Go-ak's corpse…..

Losses & Loot
The party destroyed eight glass skeletons and some green slime. They acquired two dozen quartz gems and a gold-inlaid ivory coffer, collectively worth 640gp, and gained possession of Hilduin's Cube of Power.

For creatures defeated and treasures acquired over the course of the session, the party members each received 98xp.

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