G178: Shoot the Hostage

Date: 16 May 2013
PCs: Charlie Darrowkin, William of Silence, Blackjack Dusseldorf, Ehric le Clerice, Arnold Littleworth


  • A plea for help from the Burghers Meras
  • Investigating a small chapel dedicated to flaying yourself. For god.
  • A secret entrance!
  • Desecrating a statue
  • Square-dancing with satyrs, followed by fighting satyrs, horrible jokes with satyrs, and more fighting
  • The first of several octagonal rooms, crossed by rope bridges and housing a statue that dribbles wine out of its slack-jawed maw
  • A gallery of statues all tearing the skin from their bones
  • A fight with vino-stirges, and a delicious feast of an unidentified white meat
  • A secret door concealing a completely innocuous gem on a runed pedestal. Nothing to see here, folks!
  • Another secret door onto a long hallway, terminating in a bacchanalia of satyrs and a fat, drunk, philosophical LORD OF CHAOS
  • An epic battle of sophistry between Arnold and the King of No-Man
  • Cutting down the transformed Gwndolyn Meras
  • Chasing the LORD OF CHAOS into vinous mists, but using savvy mapping to avoid them
  • A big fight with the Silver Pyres, ultimately destroying to LORD OF CHAOS
  • Cracking the code on a statue and getting some loot, while surreptitiously looking for Faithful Tom
  • Rescuing some hostages
  • Making a vain attempt to have Gwendolyn resuscitated, and William's kidnapping

Losses and Loot

Each surviving PC received 1,370g and 507xp. William of Silence was last "seen" unconscious in the clutches of a dragon.
Ehric le Clerice took the necklace of adaptation, Blackjack Dusseldorf took the dwarven thrower, but not THAT dwarven thrower, Charlie took some magic arrows. Ehric inadvertently destroyed some other magic treasure.

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