G177: Below the Windy Tower

Date: 10 May 2013
PCs: Audrey, Cut, Guy, Ja, Martin, Pritchard, Roland
Retainers: Munda, Thymli, Captain Rondo and his merry men


  • Vampire bats are bad
  • Bandits who are cowed by Roland's demeanor are all right
  • 4 Gargoyles and a giant spider are bad
  • Giant gargoyle statue guarding an invisible treasure chest is sneaky
  • Invisible demon and colossal rats with messages scrawled in blood are bad
  • Guy Ordinaire dying is bad
  • Pallid white giant cave leeches are bad
  • Sussurating columns are confusing
  • Wandering elves are all right
  • More vampire bats behind secret doors are bad
  • Arrow traps are bad
  • Enormous carved pylons are perplexing
  • 3 minotaurs guarding an enormous pile of copper coins are bad
  • 4 shadows are "bad"
  • A poison dart trap under a concealed chest is bad
  • Trying to figure out riddles while being tormented by vampire bats is bad
  • Djinnis playing cards is perplexing
  • Leaving mostly intact with scads of treasure is good

After communing with Trianoma, the Temple determined that the place had been cleansed of the evil forces dwelling there, discharging Pritchard's obligation to them.

Losses and Loot

Guy Ordinaire died. Surviving PCs received 514xp for enemies defeated, and 4214gp after selling off a platinum candelabra, a jewelled crown, some fancy banded armor and shiny chainmail, 4 gems, a jewelled bracer, and various decorative tchotchkes, and a powerful magical tome. The latter also netted the party 10 magefire arrows. A brooch was uncovered that bred insanity all around it; this chaotic artifact was surrendered to the Temple of Trianoma, who awarded Cut Coutelain with a restoration.

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