G176: Rock Beats Blackjack

Date: 1 May 2013
PCs: Ehric Le Cleris, Blackjack Dusseldorf, Gui Ordinaire, Martín Le Black
Retainers: The sisters Ariel and Zenobia
DM: Quendalon


In the Spring of the year 212, the Company of Crossed Swords assembled to delve the dungeons of the Chateau D'Ambreville once again. Finding his regular travelling companions had departed whilst he was calling upon Micheline, Martín Le Black assembled some of the less heralded members of the Company of Crossed Swords for a jaunt to the depths of the Chateau, and hired on an untested candidate - one "Gui Ordinairre".

Assembling Ja'Tubis' meticulously detailed maps, the party navigated deftly through the many turns and stairs of the castle, until they reached a preveiously unexplored section of the fourth level. Doing as they do, the brave Swordsmen swiftly set to the that most Bossly work of kicking down doors. The Stone Babe smiled upon them once more, as the adventurers' boldness in spite of better judgement was rewarded with much danger and some treasure.

Finding a series of large double doors, the party began exploring. Behind one pair, they entered a well appointed room and a g-g-g… a g-g-g… a GHOOST! He was actually a very nice fellow. Identifying himself as “Erchard” he seemed little entertained by the companies antics, and quickly dismissed our courteous heroes to their ransacking.

A nearby rubble strewn bedchamber seemed a likely spot for hidden treasure. Bravely digging through the piles of rubble scattered around the room, the party was attacked by the world's tiniest Wight! A pitiable creature, the corpse of some poor Ambrevillian adolescent had become a repository for evil, and the little brat quickly set to work attacking our heroes, screaming for their sweet life force! The creature was dispatched without further incident, and the groups thoroughness was rewarded with a precious compact of Keoghtom's Ointment.

Busting through an axe-chopped door, the group was surprised to encounter a still-smoking hookah resting atop a comfy looking (if quite rotten) pile of rugs. Closer inspection revealed that the bubbler emitted a magical aura. Never one to leave a tube un-pulled, Martin bravely cleared the milky smoke from the water pipe, and fell instantly into a trancelike slumber. Waking after a time, Le Black revealed that he had taken a spirit journey through the depths of the universe, and gained a new insight into the nature of the cosmos (though not enough intelligence to improve his spotty reading ability).

Following a paralyzing encounter with a pair of Carrion Crawlers, the more mobile members of the assemblage dragged the stiff limbed Martin Le Black into what they suspected was a safe heaven, where they might rest and regain mobility. While their rest was undisturbed, the party was shocked to find half a dozen Gargoyles lurking outside the door! Recalling the damage these creatures had inflicted in the past, Martín quaffed his precious potion of invulnerability, and waded in to challenge the stone beasts! Blackjack, Arielle, and Zenobia soon joined the fray, but the rocky hide and many attacks of the Gargoyles started to wear down the party's reserves. In a flash of claws and horns, Blackjack was struck down! He was dead! Blackjack died! It was an awful tragedy, and the party was very sad as they finished off the Gargoyles.

Hoping that the magic of Audrey Carcassone might save the beardling, the remaining Company returned to the surface, plotting their vengance, and seeking a miracle.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated eleven zombies, two wights, two ghouls, three shadows, one child-wight, two carrion crawlers and six gargoyles.

Treasures acquired included an ornate hookah, a small silver jar of Keoghtom's ointment and a fine ivory comb.

For monsters defeated, treasures acquired and taxes paid, each surviving party member received 545xp and 187gp.

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