Lessa's Laboratory

PCs: Audrey, Barnaby, Ja, Cut, Pritchard
DM: Quendalon
Date: 21 March 2013


Strangely, the adventure began with a combat in the Marais cellars: The Company was informed that their Dwarf companions might find suitable armor in a chamber guarded by a rogue golem or animated statue of some kind. Under the mutually suspicious gaze of Marchosias, our heroes dispatched the guardian. In return, Munda (on behalf of the party) has been allowed to bear what appear to be an enchanted suit of chain and a hammer made by (and for) Dwarves.

With Munda and Thymli in tow, the party made its way to the Chateau. Bending under the weight of their own insecurities, they dared only the third level of the dungeons. Ja and Cut, as is so often the case, insisted of filling in gaps in their precious maps. A room near the Gallows tower on was full of barrels marked with a triangle sigil. Convinced they held some valuable liquid with geometric properties, Cut immediately began plotting their extraction. After several minutes of pontificating, Pritchard explained that the triangle was simply an alchemical shorthand for water, and made his point by drinking from a barrel. His arrogance was, at least for the moment, justified, and he did not fall writhing to the ground in a morbid agony.

Continuing their exploration of the southwest quadrant of the dungeon, the party was met by a hail of javelins! They ducked into a door to escape them, and Pritchard incinerated everything standing in the hallway with blood lightning. Picking through the ashes revealed some coins, and jewelry of goblin make. A nearby room was occupied by a giant, zombified spider- short work for the clerics, and no valuables.

Increasingly determined to plunder their way to glory or become wights trying, Ja led the party to an unexplored door. There was a warning written on the door to stay away, and also something else. The print was smaller. Upon trying to read it, Cut triggered a pressure plate that brought a portcullis down with a crash. Moments later, an armored figure appeared. With smoldering eyes and time on his hands, it was clear he was the wight natchman night watchman. The Company tried to talk their way out of something, or into something… there was much talking while the clerics made uncertain eyes at each other. The wight left. Cut was amazed. With the help of their Dwarf companions, the party lifted the portcullis and left to hunt down the almost certainly wealthy wight. This was facilitated by Ja's locate object on the wight's rusty armor, which in hindsight suggested that the party may have over-estimated the wight's fiscal status. But no matter! They discovered the abomination relaxing in front of a fire with a battle-axe propped over his legs. With righteous rapidity, the scourge of undead relaxation was eliminated. Gathering themselves, the Company noticed that the poor fellow had taken the axe to much of his surroundings: Most of the furniture was smashed to kindling, wall coverings were slashed. There was one carefully arranged stack of books that seemed to be somewhat valuable. There was also the bloodied couch upon which the wight reclined, which Cut adopted as his hobby-horse of the evening.

In a tapestried gallery in the southwest, the Company stumbled upon a shallow wooden box whistling quietly from within. Knocking it open from a distance loosed a small dust devil, quickly destroyed , that foreshadowed the proclivities of the resident of a nearby secret chamber: Lessa d'Ambreville.

The exact nature of Lessa's undeath was a matter of some debate. A red-eyed wight? A mummy of some kind? It was moot: With a combination of withering arcane attacks and displays of clerical might, Lessa was defeated. She was struck down by a magic missile that darted through a closing doorway to strike her- much to the party's good fortune, as Pritchard discovered Lessa's apparent intention to summon a wicked, invisible elemental from a scroll to stalk and torment the Company. Giddy in their own survival, the Company proceeded with its usual systematic and heartless looting. They discovered a number of Lessa's elemental summoning effects, a spellbook, some reagents, and the aforementioned scroll.

Having made such quick work of Lessa, the emboldened party went to a room Ja had marked "Spider Hell" on the map. Opening its door revealed a dense morass of spider webs, and three black widow spiders. Pritchard's soporific spellwork spurred the spiders to sleep, and they tumbled softly to the floor of the room. Cut immediately entangled himself in the webs, launching a long effort to disentangle him during which an enormous floating eye of death drifted towards the Company. Audrey was able to frighten the thing away, but now the party was anxious about the spiders waking before everyone could be freed. They adopted the obvious strategy, and burned the webs. This freed the spiders and the undead skeletons that had been trapped by their webs, and a melee ensued. Fortunately no one was permanently damaged. Unfortunately, there was nothing really of value in the room. BUT IT WAS MAPPED.

Proceeding down the nearby hallway, the party discovered an unusually tall and thin bugbear, Rakenail. Also unusual about Rakenail: He appeared to be a pacifist. Well, mostly: He defended himself, albeit ineffectually, when Cut Coutelain subdued him with his bare hands. HIS BARE HANDS! Much argument ensued: Cut didn't trust Rakenail not to ambush them, Rakenail didn't trust Cut not to pummel him, and Ja wanted to make a friend. Eventually Ja's "charisma" won out- Rakenail was eventually returned to the surface (which he hates) as Ja's… student? In any case, Rakenail name-dropped one of the local goblin chieftains- Gutclaw- who apparently hates Rakenail for his nonviolence.

Losses and Loot

  • Implements of elemental summoning from Lessa d'Ambreville's lab
  • Reagents from Lessa's Lab
  • Lessa's notes, spellbook, and a scroll inscribed with invisible stalker
  • odd coins and crdue jewelry from a pack of goblins
  • decorative elephant bookends, some pre-war novels and histories, and a silver bracelet with the Ambreville insignia from the Wight Watchman's offices.

After goods were sold, each PC received 533gp. For enemies defeated, each PC received 344xp. In addition, the alchemical goods recovered in Movin' Millstones were pawned to Madam Zenoiste for another 500g, which was evenly divided among those adventurers that won them by Cut Coutelain.

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