G16: The Vault Of Illusion

Real World Info

This session was played on October 15, 2009, featuring Isaac, Martin, Pimmel and Robert Hazart.

The events of this session are concurrent with the events of Session 15.


While recuperating from the centipede bite he suffered in Quasqueton, Robert Hazart had spent some time perusing the notes the party obtained from looting the wizards' lair in the Caves of Chaos. Now fully recovered, he gathers those members of the Company of Crossed Swords not currently active and informs them that he's discovered the location of a magical treasure! According to his researches, the mad illusionist Hilduin constructed a Cube of Power and hid it in a trap-filled vault for adventurers to seek. Isaac and Pimmel join him, along with a new member, Francois's long-lost brother Martin.

Finding the entrance to the vault, our heroes descend into the depths. In the very first chamber, a magic mouth taunts them; then the room's door closes and magically locks, trapping Isaac and Martin inside as skeletal glass constructs emerge from hidden niches to attack! Pimmel and Robert Hazart burst into the room in time to rescue their comrades. The constructs are dispatched and Isaac is revived with a potion of healing.

The party moves on to a fiendish maze of invisible walls that conceals powerful glass statues! Two statues are destroyed, but the party uses its last healing magic in the bargain. They find a hidden stairway down but do not take it, fearing worse perils below.

Trying another chamber, our heroes are hypnotized by the shifting lights within, leaving them helpless as a living shadow attacks! Isaac snaps out of it as the thing siphons his life essence; finding his spear useless against it, he seizes Francois's magic sword from Martin and wounds it, but is rendered helpless by its icy chill. It's touch and go for a while, but eventually the party dispatches the menace. Robert Hazart tries the room's far door; when something drops from the ceiling onto his pointy wizard hat, he shrieks, flings the hat aside and flees for dear life.

Weakened and wounded by their travails, the party flees the dungeon to recover. All four members promise not to share their knowledge of the vault with their fellows in the Company of Crossed Swords; they plan to return and find the Cube of Power on their own.

Losses & Loot
The party destroyed four glass skeletons, two living glass statues and one shadow. Sadly, they acquired no treasure of any kind.

For creatures defeated over the course of the session, plus a special "I can't believe you guys lived through that!" award, the party members each received 142xp.

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