Off-table business for G168- The Montforte Library

Cut Coutelain

(this was all resolved at table before G169 started) Cut hires a dwarven architect, Bendra Zakunden, to begin work on the Hole (1000gp). He also puts a down payment on fitting steeds for his attendants, Gildor and Blondie (200g). This costs 1200gp and nets him 1200xp.

Martin le Black

Martin will re-iterate his offer to Marie Zenoiste: he will give her the potion of clairaudience and 1000gp in exchange the potion of invulnerability and a potion of healing.

As a counteroffer, Zenoiste indicates that she will provide the potion of invulnerability and a potion of healing in exchange for the potion of clairaudience and 1200gp.

Martin would also like to commission a hip case containing five steel flasks for safe and easy access of potions in combat situations. He will consult with the Alchemist Marie Zenoiste on their construction, and identifiy a skilled craftsman or purveyor of such items in Glantri. Not sure what the cost on this would be - they should be top quality (250gp?).

Zenoiste recommends an artisan in Glantri City. Martin negotiates the price for the five flasks and accompanying hip case down from 300gp to 250gp.

Martín will accept both offers.

Audrey Carcassonne

Having secured the purchase of a property near the Bridge of Rats large enough for dormitory rooms, a kitchen and eating area, and hopefully room for activities and education for the children, Audrey meets with Adept Mercea to discuss bringing the orphanage into shape to raise the dispossessed offspring of Glantri City - and beyond.

"I will see what I can do," says Mircea, observing the tiny, ramshackle place with a jaundiced eye. "Perhaps we can simply tear it down and start over — no, we lack the funds. I will make do with a bucket of whitewash and a sponge."

She uses the remainder of her first prodigious outlay of funds (1,500gp remaining) to acquire furnishings, including beds, tables, and suchlike. She commissions Mercea to take on a beadle, or equivalent, to maintain a friendly order (from the outside, as well as with the tumultuous young'uns), and to interview a cook, one or two teachers, and so on.

"I know just the fellow," Mircea says. "Theodore le Bleu, a seer and lay member of the church. He has been pressing for more involvement in temple affairs for some time. I'm sure this is not what he had in mind, but the Goddess moves in mysterious ways, non?"

As Audrey has only a day or two available to spend in Glantri City before returning to Malinbois, Mircea assures her that it's not necessary to stay in town to perform interviews; Mircea and whomever she hires as beadle will handle the matter of recruiting a proper staff. "We will require additional funds to pay the staff, of course. Not to mention provisions for staff and children, budget for additional cleaning materials, replacing damaged clothing, et cetera…"

Then, with the seriousness of a seasoned military commander, she understands that logistics plays a key role, and that her dungeon earnings will not keep the center afloat. She will seek audience with ward captains, priests of Trianoma, and various highly placed nobles, and will explain that her project is a public good: taking urchins off the street, raising them to be upstanding members of society. She petitions not for once-off donations, but for ongoing charitable investments, such as portions of farm harvests, etc., in order to maintain the orphanage after she is gone.

"I can investigate a few prospects while you are away," says Mircea. "But be warned; obtaining truly charitable investments of any real size is like getting blood from a stone." She makes a face. "You'll doubtless be called upon to offer some quid pro quo."

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