G167: Routing Li Fen

Date: March 1, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Bornelius, "Cut" Coutelain, Martin le Black, Roland de Marais
Henchmen: None


After much deliberation, the party decided to return to the Chateau to evaluate the adventuring potential of Bornelius, an honest Thief that had arrived only recently in Malinbois after a stay in a castle somewhere. The Company ventured down to the 3rd and 4th levels in the hope of learning more about the location of a suspected night goblin lair. On the third level, a door was discovered that was inscribed with the warning "Do Not Open". Cut suspected a ruse to direct the party away from treasure, and threw the door open. A scything blade fell down, the haft of which struck Cut on the wrist while Bornelius disappeared into the shadows! Martin saw an opportunity here, and concealed his goblin retinue within the room.

The party fought some hobgoblins, and the power of Seff froze several of them in their tracks. They were duly executed when their comrades were fleeing or incapacitated.

In three identical rooms, the discovered looted furnishing and some unwelcome attention from Night Hobgoblins. They barred several doors in an attempt to cover their rear guard, discovering soon afterwards that there were numerous ways around their obstacles.

Moving on, the party's explorations were interrupted by a terrible crash. The noise indicated the arrival of a gigantic, insect-like creature with writhing, feathery appendages. Martin shrieked in horror that it was a beast that consumed magic swords. Audrey strode forth, her face lit with a supernatural air of retribution that sent the beast scuttling back to its nest. Since no one was comfortable leaving the thing out there, waiting to fall on them unawares, the party tracked it to a nearby room. Roland stepped boldly forth, armed with a wooden club and confident in his magical leather shield's ability to keep the monster's tentacles off his armor. With no such device, Martin simply stripper down to his black, silken union suit and wielded a table leg. Cut, showing an irrational bloodlust that should have been seen as foreshadowing, simply stripped naked and leapt upon the monster's back.

While Cut braced himself by wrestling the creature's feathery appendages, Roland and Martin beat the thing into a pulp. Bornelius disappeared into the shadows!

Despite the noteworthy victory, the party began to doubt the existence of undiscovered treasures in this part of the dungeons. Cut seized on this lack of clarity, directing the party through a number of hallways at a determined pace and insisting, swords drawn, that Roland and Martin knock a door open. As soon as there was space, the Halfling ran into the room beyond with a blood-curdling yell, and plunged 66 Fangs deep into a reclining, robed figure with a monstrous visage. Confused, but trusting the infallible judgment and moral clarity of the Halfling, Martin ran after him and engaged a horrible albino ape. Chaos ensued noiselessly as Audrey silenced the room. Bornelius fired an arrow, narrowly missing Li Fen, and then disappeared into the shadows! Li Fen quaffed a potion of speed, but was brutally stabbed again as he ran from the melee. With Li Fen's influence weakend and the ape and hobgoblins killed, the dwarves began to act somewhat confused. Audrey dispelled the enchantment laid upon them, and the were revealed to be part of the company of planar dwarves. The party agreed to escort them out of the dungeon, and reunite them with Odd and Gathring.

The dwarves were able to prompt the party on the existence of a secret door in one wall of Li Fen's chamber, and it was therein that they discovered much treasure: A chest whose lock flummoxed Bornelius's lockpicking from the shadows was forced open to reveal many gems, jewelry, and thousands of coins. Notably missing were any scrolls, books, or writings- suggesting that Li Fen may have other safehouses. As they attempted to remove all these valuables, the Company was set upon by a half dozen ghouls, but they withered in the face of Audrey's righteousness. During the party's exit, the dwarves described Li Fen's additional powers- flight, invisibility, shapechanging- highlighting the wisdom of Audrey's preventative spell-casting.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated a rust monster, four ghouls, ten night hobgoblins, an albino ape, the planar dwarves Munda and Thymli, and the mysterious Li Fen.

Treasures retrieved included 110sp, four crude silver bracelets, several rugs and tapestries, four marble busts, a shadow-warding lantern, three barrels of high-quality lamp oil, 5000gp, eleven gems, an elephant tusk engraved with a hunting scene, an engraved brass bowl, an elaborately worked gold ring, a silver locket with jade inlay, a rune-carved silver amulet inset with twelve tiny gemstones, a potion of giant strength, a potion of longevity, an unidentified potion and a small round shield blazoned with a black unicorn.

For monsters defeated, treasures retrieved and taxes paid, each PC gained 1521gp and 736xp.

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