G167 Postsession

Off-table business from G167: Routing Li Fen

Cut Coutelain

Cut's plans for an under-hill fortress hole require some intermediate estate-management. He has constructed a stone house (30'x30', 2 floors and attic) near his target hill with some minor elaborations (stone fixtures and reinforced doors, a cellar). The house also has a stable/barn (40'x40', one floor and attic) to house Foudre, Tonnere, and his attendants' steeds. The total cost of these structures is 5500gp.

Cut has also formalized his relationship with Blondie, his groom and understudy, and Gildor. The two have received two months wages in advance (400gp to Gildor, 200gp to Blondie). Cut also establishes an account with a local provisioner for wine, food and oats (200gp).

These expenditures yield 6000xp to Cut, 200xp to Gildor, and 100xp to Blondie.

Martín Le Black

Martin will bring the unidentified potion to Marie Zenoiste for identification. In addition, Le Black will enquire as to the availability of other potions she might have that would benefit a sword chopping adventurer like himself, and what rates she might charge (he has about 1000gp to spend). Martin will bring along the musical water in his flask of preservation to offer in exchange for Zenoiste's various goods and services.

After hearing Martin's description of how he acquired the 'musical water,' Zenoiste asks to borrow the flask momentarily "so I can apply a fixative before the enchantment can decay." Through the door to the laboratory, Martin hears several minutes of chanting, followed by a loud popping noise and a smell like that of baking bread. Returning, Zenoiste observes that she has fixed an element of the magic for future experimentation. "The effects of the waters of enchanted fountains, pools and the like are often tied to their sources," she observes. "Sometimes, even a flask of preservation or similar magic cannot sustain the power of such water. We shall see."

In exchange for the 'musical water,' Zenoiste examines the unidentified potion. After simple tests indicate the lack of poison, she smells and tastes the stuff. She pokes a finger in her ear as if to clear it, then smiles with comprehension. "It is a potion of clairaudience," she says, "for hearing things at a distance."

As to potions of interest to an adventurer, she peruses her current stock in trade. "A thousand pieces of gold for a potion of invulnerability," she says. "Note that this brew lasts only a few minutes, far less than most potions. For a potion of fire resistance or a potion of invisibility, eight hundred gold. And for a potion of healing, six hundred gold."

Martin will propose an offer… he will give her the potion of clairaudience and 1000gp in exchange the potion of invulnerability and the potion of healing. Can she estimate approximately how long the effect lasts? Also, is this a single use potion?

Guests and supplies have piled into Malinbois over the past week in preparation for a festival honoring the Company of Crossed Swords.

Martin will send his goblins ahead to Malinois to book his usual suite of rooms in the Smoking Owl for the month. He will also offer to provide room and board for Arielle and Zenobia for this term, while they enjoy the festivities (I assume 200gp will cover?).

It will indeed. (Though I'm confused as to why Martin is sending ahead from Malinbois to Malinbois. Marie Zenoiste dwells in Malinbois.)

Dropping by the Hazart manor, Martin will pay his respects to Alzenia, and invite her and Robert to dine at his table during the festival. He will suggest that this might be a great occasion for Robert to secure his good reputation and association with the Company as he continues his efforts towards a political career. Finally Martin will hire a have a scribe pen an eloquent invitation to Micheline, inviting her to witness the spectacle and join him as his guest for the festivities (15gp).

Audrey Carcassonne

Joining with old companions and stalwarts from the front lines of the war with Darokin at the recent feast in Malinbois has the Spearmaiden ruminating on the effects of war. Recounting exploits, tactics, the movement of troops and the whirl and glorious tumult of combat charges the soul but does not assist in its unwinding. She thinks on the damages done, the homes destroyed, and most of all, the families dispossessed and destroyed.

Understanding that she is on the cusp of a great compartment of ecclesiastic abilities, rarely acheived by a follower of Seff, she undertakes a series of mundane deeds meants to remind herself that earthly deeds are no match for religious wonders. Soon she will be assaulted by those wishing to raise their sons and daughters from death; soon she will be tempted to eradicate pools of evil in purgations of prayer; but she must remember that these prayerful wonders must be rare in comparison to what the faithful can do with their own hands.

Using a hoard of 5,500gp, she begins the process - informed, hopefully, but the Church of Trianoma - of buying an unused building within Glantri City (or building a new), and converting it to help house and raise the youngsters who have lost their parents during the war. Even now urchins are scraping around the city, muddy and anxious. She will need to hire a headmistress and architectural designer, the former to begin the process of filling a proper staff, the later to help with the logistics. She will seek to ensure they have enough food, cleanliness, and schooling. Hewing such an enterprise out of the rough city will be long work: she solicits donations from the gentry, as well.


(This does not require a reply, it's merely a note)

Just remember, Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar, High Cavalier of the Ouestmarche, Knight-Consort of the House de Marais and Sword Prince of Neutrality was the first in line to donate to Audrey's new orphanage, in the name of the Marais, and the tune of 1,500 gp!

…less notably, he also helped finance William of Silence's brewery for an identical amount. But that was in the name of the Zanzibars. :-P

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