G166: Into the Worm's Gullet

Date: February 28, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Oromi, Borak, Steve, Noah, Bisvet, and Grungydink
Henchmen: None


Glacier the Elf stirred in the dream-sleep of his kind. While meditating on the invisible forces that made up the floating disc suspended before him, he received a vision of what was either far-off events… or perhaps just a passing daydream.

A group of dwarves and humans, lured by tales of a fist-sized ruby, made expedition to the fabled Worm's Gullet cave in Darokin, not far from the Trade City of Athenos.

After several days of wandering in the wilderness they located the cave. It appeared as a stone promontory shaped like the head of a huge worm and emerged from the earth a gaping mouth complete with stalactite teeth. Surrounding the cave was an unruly troupe of baboons.

The adventurers slew some baboons before making their way into the cave and encountering (and besting) several large white apes.

The adventurers descended into the cave and explored a room containing dwarf-statues that animated in the presence of non-dwarves. One of the humans-Bisvet the Medium-was slain by the fiery fists of the statues.

The remainder of the party descended deeper and soon encountered a band of sinister shadows who crowded around the valiant adventurers and one-by-one embraced them.

Glacier's vision - if that is what it was - ended there as the light of the torches and oil died, all movement stopped, but the shadows capered still.

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Losses and Loot

Before succumbing, the party managed to slay 7 baboons and drive off the remainder of the tribe. Slew three apes and drove off two more, and dissolved three shadows.

Since all members of the party died, there is no detailed account of the events or map, only a misty vision glimpsed through the murky lens of a floating disc…

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