G165: The Great Goblin Massacre

Date: February 22, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Pritchard Hood, Glacier, Cut Coutelain, Ja'Tubis
Henchmen: None


Prologue: The party examined the Demon Box previously found by Glacier and Ja'Tubis. After some debate and consultation, the box was determined to be a container for a "minor" demon. The party brought it to the Temple of Trianoma and gave it in exchange for promise of a restoration to be cast once the elder of the church is capable of channeling that magic again.

A party of four returned to the Chateau. The party decided they lacked the strength in numbers to attempt a deep delve of the Chateau, so focused on exploring some intriguing areas on the third level.

First, a set of unopened double-doors in the "Miranda" throne-room were abused until they were revealed to be a false door. The noise attracted a wandering troupe of 11 night-goblins with two hobgoblin enforcers; the group was slain with the aid of a sleep spell, but not before Pritchard was pierced by multiple javelins.

The party moved more discretely through the hallways after this incident and located several secret doors, more accurately mapped a passage-way adjacent to the "Miranda" room, and found a secret passage leading to the Gallows tower on level 3. During this exploration they encountered and slew some zombies attracted by the night goblin corpses, and a wandering pack of shadows — most of which ended up absorbed by Ja'Tubis' enchanted hammer.

Then the party stumbled on a night goblin post which Pritchard obliterated with lighting. The party stopped to search the bodies and were set upon by a much larger force of goblins and hobgoblins.

In the resulting melee Cut Coutelain-holding Sixty-Six Fangs-was completely submerged by enraged goblins and beaten to unconsciousness. Ja'Tubis summoned poisonous snakes, and Pritchard attempted to polymorph a goblin into a gelatinous cube to block further attacks, but the goblin shook off the enchantment. While Ja'Tubis and Glacier fought goblins and some of the goblins fought each other in a frenzy over Sixty-Six Fangs, Pritchard used his wand of fear to drive off another wave of attackers.

In the next moment, Pritchard was rendered senseless by an ill-placed javelin, Glacier was struck by a sword-thrust, and Ja'Tubis was surrounded by hobgobins. Ja'Tubis summoned more snakes, using a scroll and completely depleting his supply of sticks; Glacier picked up the wand of fear and tried to remember the activation word he had recently heard Pritchard use, "Enselmax! Enselmex! Sudafed! Fasnalshof! Exnarel! Goddammit!"

The wand did not respond, but the combination of over twenty-five dead, Sixty-Six Fangs being dropped to the ground, and an angry elf waving a wand and shouting magic words resulted in a temporary goblin retreat.

Ja'Tubis and Glacier picked up the magical weapons, Cut, and Pritchard and hobbled out of the dungeon as fast as they could.


Losses and Loot

The party defeated:
5 zombies
4 shadows
…and a mix of at least 43 hobgoblins and night goblins. At least another 4 fled under the influence of fear. The exact number of foes defeated was difficult to track in the heat of the last battle and the hastened retreat that followed.

Treasures retrieved included 100 sp, 40 cp, and six cheap silver bracelets worn by the hobgoblins.

For monsters defeated and treasures retrieved, each PC gained 16 gp and 246 xp.

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