G164: Passager Reborn

Date: February 13, 2013
DM: Naked Samurai
PCs: Martin le Black, Pritchard Hood, Wintergreen, Roland Zanzibar, Ja'Tubis
Henchmen: Pigtail, Dagobert


The party returned to Malinbois to discover that the new lodge had been attacked! A thorough questioning of the villagers revealed that a giant, insectoid creature had burst through the wall, scrawled a cryptic message and made a bee line (ahem) to the Northwest. Pritchard Hood (still in his dressing robe) quickly flew off in the direction of their antagonist, tracking his path of escape directly into the forest of Arden.

After a brief discussion, the Company quickly set to preparing themselves, and followed the unusually straight and noticeably clear path of the giant bug. Arriving without incident at their presumed destination, the party was surprised to discover what appeared to be a giant stone disc, carved with skulls and other nasty images, set into a nearby hillside. Drawing near, our heroes discovered a giant tree in the center of the disc, with the corpse hanging from its branches. Knowing a trap when they saw one, Company quickly deduced this to be some sort of strangling tree, and found an alternate entrance though an apparent pit trap that had fallen into disuse.

After fighting an undead sentry, the group discovered another message scrawled in the wall. A riddle? "Here is the one who cannot see the darkness, we thank you for coming to bring him what he left behind". With no clue as to the meaning, the group pressed on, narrowly losing Ja'Tubis down another pit trap - this one much more intact.

Coming upon a kitchen and neglected pantry the party noted a few untouched items labelled "Thosat", and spent some time speaking and trading with some precocious rats, who ultimately delivered a strawberry colored (and flavored!) potion. Around this point they realized that Wintergreen had been with them the whole time! Sneaky elf!

Exploring deeper, the group came upon an unnatural darkness, and strange spheres set in various corners. While puzzling after their function, the party was attacked by a horde of undead, including several massive ogres! The powerful magics of Ja Tubis and Pritchard Hood, along with the blades of Roland and Martin quikly dispatched the creatures. Unable to penetrate the darkness, the party resolved to explore further, that they might discover some means of illumination.

Bypassing a scary looking room with a giant fang and skull, the party discovered another riddle. "He who makes it does not want it, he who buys it cannot use it, he who uses it cannot see it or feel it". This puzzle seemed to magically protect an amethyst necklace, hidden in a crystal. Apparently, some other entity had also sought the answer, as a madman's scrawlings indicated days of consideration. The combined intellect of our heroes seemed unequal to the task, until the noble Roland Zanzibar divined the answer - A COFFIN!

Taking the necklace, Pritchard divined that the object would allow him to dispel the darkness, and even see through the various orbs they had spied. Without delay, the party set forth to the previously darkened room. there, they discovered a passage down into the earth, and being responsible adventurers, followed it immediately.

At the end of the tunnel a giant lake spread into a vast cavern, with a small dock and boat tied alongside. Eager for a boat ride, the Company crowded in and set forth for the singular island in the center of the lake. While their first thought was for the variety of chests scattered about the place, their second was for the multitude of vile beast that quickly attacked! They had been warned of three guardians, and three they found as the bug creature and two of his cronies fell upon them.

In the midst of the battle, a giant beast was noticed deep in the lake. Through some divine intuition, they realized this beast was the spear Passager, reconfigured into the form of an evil leviathan! Having defeated the other monsters and taken the treasure, quick thinking intuited that the treasure initially sought by the bug creature back at the Lodge was Passager's magical hood. This item was quickly retrieved and tossed into the lake, distracting the beast long enough for our heroes to make their escape, even as the great disc of the dungeon slid back into the earth from whence it came.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated a range of monsters including [X].

Treasures retrieved included 8 gp, various jars & packages of provisions marked "thosat" (unspoiled), a Potion of Clairvoyance, several flawed Gems, various journals, an iron box containing around 80 ancient coins and a bejeweled tiara, 2 garnet pins, An ancient amethyst neclace magically tied to the defenses of the structure, 2408gp, 10 gems, Various pieces of jewelry, 2 healing potions, a potion of speed , 5 arrows +2, A Wizard scroll with the spell unseen servant, A Cleric scroll containing the spells Cure serious wounds and cure poison.

For monsters defeated and treasures retrieved, each PC gained 589 gp and 134 xp.

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