G163: The Road to Vulture's Crag

Date: February 9, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Martin le Black, Pigshit Pat
Hirelings: Arielle, Zenobia; Frumberta, Millipede, Pigtail; Philgo of Pluton; Delman, Jon, Sandy


Martin le Black, distraught that the unnatural handsomeness granted him by the Chaos goddess Ululaya had been marred by fresh scars, sought to restore his visage. To do so, he and his comrade Pigshit Pat gathered a troop of hirelings to obtain magic mud from troll-haunted Vulture's Crag in the Broken Lands, so that the wizardess Micheline could use that mud to renew Martin's comeliness. (And truth be told, they were also thinking of the 20,000gp bounty on the head of Stencheye, the troll witch-doctor who ruled the crag.)

The barge Pride of Touraine carried the party down the River Vesubien into the Broken Lands. There they made their way westward through barren gullies and arroyos until they came within sight of the Crag itself — a grim rock formation jutting up from a cave-riddled plateau, all looking out over a lake of bubbling tar. But as the party waited till nightfall to send in a scout, they were discovered by three trolls! In the resulting battle, half of the hirelings were slain or incapacitated before the trolls were put down, and even the redoubtable Martin was beaten within an inch of his life.

Realizing that they were not capable of withstanding another such encounter, the party made its way back toward the Vesubien. On the way, they met with two hill giants! A generous offer of the party's mules satisfied the giants' appetites, avoiding the need for battle. But as the party rested that night, another troll snuck into their camp! The creature seized a badly wounded hireling and ran off into the night to devour the poor man.

Upon reaching the Vesubien, the party encountered another river-barge, the Gryphon, heading north toward Trintan. The captain, one Shella Grange, welcomed the survivors on board and brought them back to civilized Glantri.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated three trolls. Treasures retrieved included two troll hearts and several hundred gold and silver coins.

For monsters defeated and treasures retrieved, each PC gained 250gp and 975xp.

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