G162: Shafted!

Date: February 6, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Abner de la Tasse, Featherbow, Grog, Marco, "Red", Waterfall; Bartolomo, Cross-Stitch, Dunkel "the Dazzler" D'Lectine, Pierre le Grand


Emboldened by the success of his previous effort, Ja'tubis hired several more inexperienced adventurers to scout out the lower levels of the Chateau. Under the direction of their leader, the magic-user Abner de la Tasse, these adventurers marched to the Chateau and probed its outskirts.

A shadowy grove visible beyond the Chateau's graveyard piqued the party's curiosity. Beneath its black boughs they found an ancient altar carved with runes of Chaos. Their investigation was interrupted by the arrival of a blatantly unnatural black unicorn. When the fighter Marco confronted the beast, he was somehow drawn into the dark depths of its body, dwindling from sight as one who has fallen into a bottomless pit. The rest of the party fled.

Regrouping, the party entered the Chateau dungeons, following Ja'Tubis's directions to reach the Grand Stair. There, the fighter Red unwisely dislodged a bronze grille which plunged down the Grand Stair's central shaft to the unseen floor below, sending up a clamor that attracted the attention of the night goblins below. Unnerved by the beat of the night goblin drums, the party ducked down a side passage to continue their explorations. But the goblins found them and a running battle began.

Abner and Red were swiftly slain, and the elves abandoned the plate-armored Grog to his death as they fled upwards through unknown stairs and corridors, trusting to their darkvision. Eventually they found themselves backed into a chamber full of tiny needle-fanged humanoids who were gorging themselves on candles. The mischievous gremlins aided the elves against their pursuers, tearing the remaining night goblins to pieces, then agreed to lead the survivors out of the dungeon.

The gremlins tricked Waterfall into walking across a magical fire trap, incinerating him instantly. This left the way open for the last survivor, Featherbow, to travel onward. Wandering past various rooms full of potentially interesting contents, Featherbow made his way out of the dungeon and returned to Malinbois. There he sold Ja'Tubis a map of his explorations. The contents of the map were entirely fabricated, as he had not been paying the slightest bit of attention to his route.

Deeming himself a veteran adventurer, Featherbow gathered a new team of inexperienced adventurers to investigate goings-on at a copper mine in eastern New Averoigne; the miners had not returned home and goblins had been spotted in the vicinity. However, the party found themselves overmatched within. Some were slain by the mine's inhabitants; the rest perished by plummeting down a deep mine shaft. None remained to tell the tale.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated twenty night goblins. Unfortunately, as there were no survivors from the second expedition, no one remained to accrue experience.

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