G161: Return to the Temple of Tzeentch

Date: January 31, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Blackjack Dusseldorf, "Cut" Coutelain, Ja'Tubis, Pritchard de Marais, Razz son of Tazz, William of Silence


Ja'Tubis had recently hired a small band of dwarves to scout out the lower levels of the Chateau d'Ambreville. Now, accompanied by the itinerant enchanter Razz son of Tazz (known far and wide as "the Leaping Legerdemancer"), the Company returned to the Chateau to investigate the results of that survey.

The party's first stop was deep beneath the Gallows Tower, where the way was blocked by a door bound in iron and lead marked with funereal motifs. Beyond they discovered a room of stone slabs crusted with ancient blood, its walls lined with racks of peculiar surgical implements and glass jars holding body parts and organs preserved in embalming fluid. While the party stuffed their bag of holding with jarred organs, Blackjack Dusseldorf spent several minutes hacking open a similar door in the far wall.

When the crash of axe on metal-lined wood subsided, this new door swung open to reveal a round room with a railing in the center overlooking a pit or shaft. Around the railing were four spectral horrors who, perhaps incensed by the clangorous din, attacked the party! They fled with the aid of a haste spell, but not before both Blackjack and William had lost much of their life-essence.

Our heroes retreated to a chamber on the third floor of the donjon where they had previously camped on several occasions. But the room had become home to half a dozen giant flies! The party quickly drove them out and slept fitfully through the night.

The next day, the party headed to the second level of the Chateau to re-examine a seemingly endless, apparently magical side passage which had previously confounded them. Pritchard's dispel magic banished the effect, revealing a corridor ending in a blank wall. Searching turned up no secret doors, but while the party investigated, they saw movement beyond the grotesquely carved brass doors at the end of the main hall — the doors to the shrine of Tzeentch which they had cleared two years before.

Pritchard's knock spell opened the way to the shrine. There they saw the gleam of gold and jewels upon the altar! But when our heroes leapt forward to stuff their pockets, they found that it was defended — both by a weird wolf-centipede demon and by a dozen night goblins hidden in the shadows. The demon's aura of fear sent "Cut" Coutelain and Razz son of Tazz fleeing. But Blackjack seized Cut's fallen sword, the mighty Sixty-Six Fangs, whose power enraged the goblins to swarm around him while the rest of the company engaged the demon.

As the demon weakened, Pritchard offered it a deal — to serve him for 24 hours, starting by seeking their fleeing companions and bringing them back. It departed, but while the party eventually found their afeared members, the demon did not return.

Presuming this to be the same wolf-centipede demon described by the Ja'Tubis's hired dwarves, the party went to the hidden chamber where that demon had been reported to guard a mystic cube. But the hidden chamber lay open and empty, with neither demon nor cube to be seen. Despondent, the party concluded their adventure and returned to town.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated six giant flies, twelve night goblins and one wolf-centipede-demon thing. Treasures retrieved included exotic surgical implements, dozens of glass jars containing preserved organs and other body parts (human and otherwise), a handful of coins and several ornamental stones.

For monsters defeated and treasures retrieved, each PC gained 508gp and 182xp.

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