(Incidentally, if Martin can spend all of his money before they set out, he will have reached 7th level).

Then you'd better hurry!

MLB will make the following preparations for the journey to the broken lands:

  1. Seek a captain (with a boat) willing to take Martin and company as close as possible to the Crag and back (assume 10-15 men, 5-7 mounts and material).
  2. Recruit 10 or so veterans (ideally fellows in arms) from the wars with Darokin. Martin will pay 100gp up front, as well a quarter share of any treasure found (a half share to more experienced fighters), and an additional 250gp to each if the reward is secured. A kit of armor and weapons will be provided to each volunteer (~85gp value). If he is unable to recruit in Glantri, he will send the Raven to Malinbois to ask for any recommendations from the other captains in residence there.
  3. Request a map of the trade route from Glantri to Corunglain from the fellers offering the reward. Ideally this would mark travel times and significant landmarks (Cataracts, Crag, any checkpoints, etc).


I was informed that Roland would be taking possession of Skaldene, the singing sword essentially when play next began with the A-team. Roland is nothing if not prudent…

Away from prying eyes and ears, Roland will gather the members of the Company of Crossed Swords at their lodge house in a private assembly shortly before Skaldene is remanded into his custody. Therein, he shall address the Company thusly:

"It is my belief that Skaldene may be a puissant Lawful sword with a powerful Will, possibly capable of subverting my own at times. I would like to make a pact with the Company. That if the sword Skaldene has been judged, by you, my comrades in arms, to have subverted me to the detriment of either my personal, or our collective goals, or runs in contrary to the oaths and tenets laid out in the charter of the Company of Crossed Swords, that I should be taken, with force if necessary, forthwith and without delay to either Audrey Carcassone or Ja'Tubis for a Remove Curse, or to Pritchard Hood for a Dispel Magic, (or any further steps required) and we shall put the sword away as a curiosity, not to be used again. I trust in the collective wisdom of the Company, if — you'll excuse me — not the wisdom of any individual. It is imperative, as always, that we remain true to one another - come what may - as neither man, nor woman, nor ancient powers should ever tear our Company asunder, and I have no intention of allowing some shard of metal from doing what dragons, liches, demons, and assorted forces of Chaos and ennui have not."

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