Post-session activity for G160


Martin will procure a fancy new outfit, in the latest fashion of the Wizard Courtiers of Glantri (250gp), and have his Goblins thoroughly scrub themselves and polish their raiment to parade ground perfection.

He will also seek a vendor for Black Roses (Black Orchids, Lilies or Lotuses will suffice in a pinch) and purchase a massive bouquet (150gp).

With his gift in hand finery on display, and attendants in tow, he will seek an audience with the lady Micheline.

Martin will seek Micheline's advice, if not her direct magic in finding a cosmetic thaumaturge to enact some restorative sorceries on his mug, which has been incrementally mangled via mummy rot and assorted savagings (original CHA was 15, now it is 13). He is willing to spend up to 4,000gp to effect this procedure.

After bribing Micheline's manservants to assure a swift reception, he is ushered into a chamber the color of flame — scarlet wallpaper marked with golden arabesques, a parquet floor of rich golden wood, furniture upholstered in gleaming leather. The wizardess herself is clad in luminous orange velvet. She accepts Martin's bouquet with good grace. "I see you have accoutered yourself to match your station," she says with a smile. "Second Goblin-Master of House Hazart, was it not? Please make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Tell me what trouble brings you here with a cart-load of gold."

Upon hearing Martin's tale, she opens a box and brings forth a butterfly-shaped half mask ornamented with peacock feathers and holds it to her face, peering through the crystal lenses in the mask's eye-holes. "I see that your visage has been enhanced by Chaos magic," she says. "So your looks will require more Chaos magic to restore." She ponders the matter for a moment. "Two immediate possibilities come to mind. One would involve your retrieving some of the boiling mud from the heart of Vulture's Crag, in the Broken Lands, where the creatures of that place worship dark powers. With that mud, I might renew your appearance.

"The other would involve a ancient jade monolith in the howling lands west of Glantri, at the heart of the fallen school of magic called the Scholomance. My researches indicate that the monolith unleashes its Chaotic power upon those who dare to touch it. I believe that I might lay a spell upon you to ensure that the obelisk's power is focused solely to restore your looks.

"In either case, I believe that four thousand gold pieces will suffice. I'll require the monies in advance to begin my preparations. Reagents are so expensive these days."

Martín gazes into a nearby looking glass, carefully weighing the risks and benefits. Peeling away a stray flap of skin, he is decided. "Indeed milady, your generosity is all to kind, as always. I will gather my forces and prepare to set out at once for Vulture's Crag. If I might be so bold, I have two more questions for you. Firstly, would it be possible for you to provide a map, insight into the location of this peak, or even some aid in transportation to the broken lands? Secondly, are there any additional reagents, errands or baubles that I might be able to fetch milady from this perilous wilder-land?

Martin will pay the deposit for Micheline's reagents. Further, he will begin a series of subtle inquiries through his network of contacts to assemble a crew. Ideally, he would seek a smuggler captain with a boat, and a crew capable of travelling at night. The vessel will need to be large enough to transport 10 men (and goblins), along with mounts and provisions (this can be resolved when we actually head out).

"The location of the crag is no secret. If you can find a map of the Broken Lands, I am sure it will be marked there as a place to avoid. As to reagents…" Micheline smiles. "One can never have too many troll hearts in one's laboratory."

Before Martin leaves, she adds one final warning: "Do not strike the Tusk."

Audrey Carcassonne

With the major demoness vanquished, Audrey bids adieu to seek counsel with Seff in prayer. Understanding that the intercession of the Goddess may permit her to interrupt magics baneful to herself and companions, she meditates on the ability to Dispel Magic (3rd level spell), using the 3,000gp to aquire the appropriate basins and totems, gatherings of incense, donations to the Temple of Trianomma, and the acquisition of copied diaries and other descriptions of how the spell might work, both for the more ecclesiastic of famous magic-users, but also suggestions for its use by Spearmaidens drilling deep into the history of all time.

Once again, the most experienced spearmaiden to be found is Lessandra, that vaunted curate of the spear. Clad in a weathered but well-tended chain hauberk, she is practicing spear forms in a small grove an hour's ride from Glantri City, a place frequented by the spearmaidens and largely avoided by the common folk. A statue of a woman with one arm upraised, carved from gray granite, marks the spot; though its features are long since eroded by time and weather, most take it to depict Seff herself. The greenery around it has been freshly trimmed.

Lessandra wipes the sweat from her brow as she offers Audrey a curt greeting. Though she is not quite as antagonistic as heretofore, she has little to contribute on the subject of dispel magic. "The blessed Yseult, Saint of Touraine, had that power. I do not. Perhaps Gabrielle may have the trick of it; she is the eldest of our order whom I know is still living. I think she is in Caurenze, keeping an eye out for Chaos. Otherwise, there is always the temple of Trianoma. It is full of books and such. And I am sure," she adds disdainfully, "that they are knowledgeable about magic."

Audrey nods, but frowns. "Lessandra, Seff preserves you," she says, "You are a testament to your years. I might mention - shall I? - that this twist, at the end, when you committed to the upward thrust every other beat in your ministrations… I have chosen a feint at that moment, when in actual combat. Found it quite useful against a devotee to the Sword Princes of Chaos as it moved into threat recently. Try it; yes, you'll see."

She departs and heads to Caurenze, spending a brief time at the farmstead of her family, yet feeling they are of a different earth. She then seeks out Gabrielle to cap off the work she has started on the spell, offering a small trove of gifts for her comforts.

Audrey will be out of play for a session while she searches for Lessandra, after which we can work out the details of the encounter either at the table or on the forums.


Roland will have hung around Glantri City for an extra day or so at the Temple of Trianoma with Zolobachai of the Nine Visions in the hopes of receiving a restoration for one, or both of them. He will chat up various acolytes, monsignors, imams, etc. in the hopes of winning favor around the church in general — for the immediate, as well as long term — for himself and the Company. He is also willing to help perform any tasks about the temple that may require his aid and/or expertise including, but not limited to:

— attending the celebrants of services (think altar boy)
— singing in the choir (think choir boy)
— weapons training for any traveling priests in the area
— "scaring straight" any of the local lowlives
— washing windows

Edit: I forgot! Roland is also currently flush with cash, and so he's more than willing to make a sizable donation to the Church! Saaaaaay … 2000gp or so, if it would help, natch.

The elder Camellia accepts the donation, exclaiming loud and long about Roland's generosity of heart and offering profuse thanks on behalf of the Church and its membership. She arranges for the rite of restoration to take place the next day.

Roland spends 24 hours in a ritual chamber high up in one of the Temple's many towers. Aided by three priestesses and nine lesser adepts, the Matriarch Josephine recites a litany of prayers to the Triune Goddess, and with each invocation the air becomes more and more charged with magic. Luminous patterns and sigils seem to flicker through the clouds of incense smoke and hover above the banks of candles that burn into the deepening night. These lights swarm and swirl around Roland; he feels like a funnel, a whirlpool, through which the waters of supernatural power flow.

When the ritual concludes, all participants are utterly exhausted. But while Roland's muscles remain leaden, he feels his spirit burning bright. His body will require a week's rest, but his soul is restored.

Barnaby Flanders

Barnaby is honored by the gift of the ring of invisibility. Because this gift will help him meet his own goals, he feels a duty to help Richard Loubeau do the same. To this end, he will donate 1000 GP to help establish the school for training disciples of Trianoma.

Through his dealings with Audrey Carcassone in the gift of the ring, he has learned more about the power and wisdom of Seff. He will endeavor to study more about her with an eye towards incorporating a shrine to Seff in his plant sanctuary.

Barnaby would also like to hire a team to survey the land he recently purchased. He wants to know the size, shape, contours, and general features of the land. Since the land is near town, he assumes it's safer than the previous parcel he purchased, but given his past troubles he will hire a small armed escort to go with the surveying team, just in case. (He has several thousand gold to spend on the survey/escort, but I don't imagine it will cost that much.)

(Rules note: Ehric le Cleris is one of Charlatan's PCs, so if the donation is made to him it does not generate XP for Barnaby.)

The land is just an hour's walk from town, encompassing a patch of hilly ground tufted with trees and scattered with boulders and rocky debris. There don't seem to be any innate dangers other than hornets, ants and feral goats. For 200gp, Barnaby obtains the services of a scribe and a half-dozen armed men for two days, marking off the dimensions and features of the land.

(Barnaby is making the donation directly to fund the school itself, in the same way that Ehric le Cleris would spend his own funds, and not to Ehric personally. I understand it's a fine line, so obviously it's DM's discretion as to how it works.)

Charlatan here: I think Quen is just asking for an enumeration of what you're buying. Maybe you're donating to the Temple to pay for the school's space, or buying desks, or funding a resident sage for instruction, etc.: "The Barnaby Flanders Chair in Divinomancy"

Barnaby has always been a practical guy. So he donates 1000 GP worth of practical things needed for magic school (as he understands it): parchment, reagents, robes, and small ceramic and glass jars & vials. He also includes some beautiful flowering plants for both decoration and to help the students remain grounded while studying otherworldy powers.

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