G15: Against The Orcs Of Quasqueton, Part II

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This session was played on October 13, 2009, featuring Colin, Cribbage Bok, Groomish, Herve and Pog. Two goblins, Otig-Ha and Sniggazgook, were also briefly played. Hirelings included Guy, Henri and three Quasqueton guards: Andre, Curly and Petit Tom.

I: Bargains for Aid
As the Company of Crossed Swords recovers from the most recent debacle in the Caves of Chaos, three guards from Quasqueton arrive at the Hero's Rest to seek them out. It turns out that the orcs have not taken well to the party's efforts to chastise them, and have secured the aid of the complex's goblins to overrun the human guards. Curly, seniormost of the survivors, asks the party to aid them a second time, assuring them that Roger and Zelig du Gare would owe the Company a favor for such aid.

Colin, Herve and Pog accept the bargain. To pad out their numbers, they grant Henri and Guy full membership in the Company, then induct two new adventurers — the veteran Groomish and an elf whose nigh-unpronounceable name they render as "Cribbage Bok". The party heads up through the woods to Quasqueton's hidden entrance, and camps there for a few days to keep an eye out for orcish hunting parties while Cribbage Bok masters the sleep spell from Era's spellbook.

During this time, Colin and Herve scout around and eventually discover a hidden watch tower that Curly had spoken of, only to observe that it is infested by goblins. Pog then parlay with the goblins, paying them a hundred gold pieces to requisition a scout, the whimpering goblin Glurp, and to obtain a vague and untrustworthy promise of aid. Pog also argues for permission to travel through the goblins' lair to reach the rest of Quasqueton, but demurs when the goblins agree a bit too eagerly to the offer.

II: Breaking the Orcs
With Cribbage Bok's powerful magic at their beck and call, the guards lead the party — sans Colin, who's stayed outside with the mule — through a secret door to bypass the magic mouths at the entrance and head for the throne room. The Company has other plans, however; they mean to explore the place and loot it thoroughly, guardsmen be damned. So they move on past the door to the throne room, and the elf's keen senses spot another secret door. Opening it reveals Roger du Gare's hidden bedchamber, where the orc chieftain, Grüt, and his leman Yog are entangled on the missing warrior-noble's bed! As the party moves in, the two orcs seize their weapons and charge to hold the doorway, calling their guards in the meanwhile.

A brief scuffle leaves Grüt severely wounded, so he backs off as a squad of orcs swarm in through another secret door. Cribbage Bok takes the opportunity to administer his sleep spell, knocking all the orcs unconscious except for Grüt himself. The party piles in and begins slitting throats.

A second wave of orcs arrive, but the party finishes those, and Grüt too. A third wave of orcs comes in from two directions — some from behind the party, others from the second secret door, where they hurl spears from behind the cover of their dead comrades. Herve quickly falls to the orcs; Groomish picks up his companion's glowing sword, only to perish in turn! Luckily, a couple of passing goblins, apparently aware of the party's bargain, decide to join in on the Company's side and pepper the orcs from behind with arrows.

III: Cleaning Up
The last few orcs flee, allowing the Company to loot the bedchamber. The guards protest vociferously as our heroes start stripping tapestries from the walls, claiming that this was the sort of thing they'd asked the Company to help prevent! But Pog's silver tongue persuades the guards that the tapestries would be safer if they were taken elsewhere.

Having heard the fleeing orcs discuss fetching someone named "Ur-Gah" to call upon some sort of magic, our heroes deem it wise to complete their business swiftly, so they seize as much loot as they can as quickly as they can, then leave the complex. There, the bloodthirsty Pog prepares to murder the guards, at whose side he'd just fought, in order to get a larger share of treasure. Just before he cando so, however, the party encounters two more guards who'd hid elsewhere in the complex and had headed out during the uproar caused by the party's attack. Pog feels this shifts the odds too far against him and refrains from bloodshed.

The guards take this opportunity to head back into the complex, hoping that others of their troop have survived and can be freed from orcish and/or goblinish captivity. The party bids them farewell, packs their treasure onto Bill the mule and heads back down through the woods to Eastkeep.

IV: Losses & Loot
The party slew the orc chieftain Grüt, his leman Yog and thirteen other orcs. For treasure, they obtained assorted coinage worth 450gp, gems and jewelry worth 130gp, a silver mirror worth 90gp, a carved ivory scroll tube worth 65gp which contained a scroll of cure light wounds, a brass dragon hide that might be worth up to 2000gp to the right buyer, and several worthless (albeit shiny) rocks.

For creatures defeated and treasures earned over the course of the session, Colin, Cribbage Bok and Pog each received 780xp.

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