G159: Demon Boxes

Date: January 20, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Ja'Tubis, Oromi, Pop, Glacier, Pigshit, Borak, Pork-Knuckle
Retainers: Alan (a laborer), Randolette (a cleric), Brandor and Roderick (associates of Ja'Tubis)


Session 159 saw two separate expeditions enter the dungeon.

First, a mapping expedition was conducted, seeking to explore unexplained anomalies in the Company’s maps of the Chateau. Ja’Tubis led Glacier, Oromi, Pigshit, and four hirelings through the upper halls. There were several different areas explored.

The initial foray was through Cezarine’s tower, and the party measured the exact dimensions of several hallways and rooms previously estimated. They proceeded on until they reached the Silver-Faced Guardian Door with moonstone eyes. That path ended abruptly when the door declared them to be intruders, so they descended to the second level and made their way to the exit underneath Gallow’s Tower.

The second mapping exercise saw the party enter through Alienor’s tower and descend to the second level. Again hallways were measured, a few unopened doors were opened, and the northeast section of the dungeon was found to be the territory of the goblin wizards.

Last, the group exited back through ALienor’s tower and descended back down the Fallen Stone Tower, going south towards the Lich area. More measurements were made and several rooms were explored before reaching another Guardian face-door that prevented further progress. The team retreated to the room of the laughing walls and messed with the nine stone panels within. After much experimentation, the team pushed all nine panels at once and a secret compartment opened. The book within seemed obviously trapped. More ominously—anyone listening to the box can hear sounds coming from within. The obviously valuable treasure was too much for the team to risk, and they decided to end the mapping expedition.

Along the way the group defeated 7 night goblins, a fire beetle, and 4 shadows. Valuables rescued from the Chateau included 2 silver candlesticks, a silver mirror, a chess set, 3 fine decks of playing cards, a set of checkers, ivory game chips, a glowing fire beetle gland, and several cakes of nice soap. And the scary box.

Losses and Loot

Ja’Tubis, Pigshit, Oromi, and Glacier received 78 exp and 91 gp for their trouble. And we all are excited to have further secrets revealed for the Company’s further records.

Second, Oromi watched with great interest how much value Ja’Tubis put in the map. Along with several companions he decided that Ja’Tubis would likely pay money for a map of new territory. He led a small force back to the Gallows Tower. The plan was to descend as far as they could, map as much as they could and then run away as soon as they met anything.

The small party consisted of three dwarves—Borak, Oromi, and Pork-Knuckle and Pop, a gnome. They descended until the last stairwell ended in a short corridor. The corridor contained only a large metal door, sealed with lead. The gnome attempted to pick the lock, but to everyone’s great relief the door could not be opened. A secret door was found at the other end of the corridor, and then another behind that, and a small area of rooms was explored, featuring a room full of destroyed dessicated bodies, a room with four large statues, a forge or armory of some sort, and a storage room. Another secret door was found. Within was a pedestal holding aloft a beautiful cube of black and red laquer, with no obvious hinges or lid.

Sadly, as soon as the box was snatched, a monstrous demon appeared. It looked like a very large wolf with rust-colored fur, compound spider eyes, and a weird insect-like feathery fringe extending like eyebrows. It demanded the party return the box.

The mere sight of it turned Pop and two of the dwarves helpless with fear, but Oromi managed to keep his head and popped open the secret door so they could all flee. As they fled through the dungeon they learned the bite of the wolf-thing caused only mild wounds, but was poisonous. Pop, in his gibbering fear, ran forward into the bowels of the dungeon and was not seen again. The three dwarves made for the surface with the thing nipping at their heels. It became obvious the thing would follow them forever. It was faster and could bite them over and over… So they threw down the box and lived to fight another day.


Losses and Loot

For their trouble and a map, Ja’Tubis paid them 600 gold, despite protesting that much of the area had already been mapped by the Company.

Oromi, Borak, and Pork-Knuckle received no experience for their foolhardy expedition, and 200 gold each.

(Pop did indeed perish within the dungeon: once he regained his senses he returned to the room looking for the box on his own, and was accosted by the wolf-thing.)

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