G156: Shrine of the Sword Princes

Date: January 10, 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: [Martin | Martín le Black], Cut Coutelain, Pritchard Hood, Audrey Carcassone, Roland Zanzibar, Parchment the Accountant, Barnaby Flanders


Having assembled some the Company's mightiest Captains, the Crossed Swords resolves to delve deep into the Chateau to slay the demon Ur-Groth, and recover the toxic brand demanded by a demon lord in exchange for the soul of Robert Hazart. Anticipating a significant haul, they hire an elvish accountant, who claims a divine insight into the theology of books and ledgers. After brief meetings with Matriarch Josephine and the alchemist Marie Zenoiste, the party marches forth for the Chateau.

With two copies of Ja'Tubis' exacting maps, the party quickly navigated their way through Cesarinne's tower and down down down to the fourth floor of the dungeon. Many enchantments were cast by the wizard Pritchard Hood and the Spearmaiden Audrey, granting uncanny haste and the blessings of Seff. Cut Coutelain quaffed a potion of Lionsblood, his tiny ribcage swelling as his mighty heart seemed to grow two sizes, and is ruddy complication took on a golden glow of heroism. The Company agreed that if they were not ready now for this combat, they never would be.

With a shout and the stacatto clatter of hastened boot-steps, our heroes rushed down the the stairs. Without preamble, Master Hood unleashed a mighty bolt of Blood Lightening from his eyeballs, searing the foul boar headed demon. As one, the three mighty warriors of the company fell upon the beast, their blades raising and falling in a concerto of steel. While somewhat surprised by the onslaught, the mighty demon Ur-Groth rallied, summoning visions from the farthest reaches of Chaos to strike fear into the hearts of our heroes. Even as Audrey and Parchment fled in terror, Barnaby Flanders quickly tackled and bound Pritchard Hood to prevent his flight. As the battle raged on, the demon brought his vile magics to bear once more, blasting the party with a cone of icy coldness, gravely wounding many. Just when victory seemed certain, Ur-Groth opened a portal and brought another demon through! The battle raged for what seemed a desperate eternity, but by merit of their powerful wards and their unflagging conviction, the party was finally victorious, and one of the Boar-Demons tusks was snapped free before its body burned away into vile vapor.

More closely inspecting their surroundings, the company found themselves in a large chamber with four passages leading out, and four mighty, sword wielding statues poised in each corner of the room. A closer inspection revealed these to be [names], identified by Pritchard Hood as the four primordial lords of Chaos. After some consultation around the cryptic dying words of the demon, the party began to suspect that the blade was guarded by another demon, the Demon Princess [name].

Hearing a clangor from an easterly passage, the party advanced into a smoky forge, where six red skinned demons hammered ceaselessly on a mystic anvil. The creatures were uninterested in discussing the details their project, save that it was a work many years in progress, with many years yet remaining. Repulsed by this construction of chaos - Audrey quickly froze two of the diabolic smiths in the thrall of her lady Seff! The remaining beasties fell upon the party, summoning a massive fire elemental to their aid! Luckily, Seff's Protection from Evil remained, and the living flame was held at bay as the company quickly dispatched the workmen, looting several mundane swords and hammers, and a lightly enchanted apron.

Heading north, the adventurers came upon a dire temple to the ancient lords of chaos. Finding the chamber largely empty save for pews, reliefs and altar, Audrey set to work banishing the evil from this place with prayers and holy water. The keen eye of Barnaby Flanders may have saved the party, spying an arcane trap on one of the two large doors apparent in the chamber. Circling around, Barnaby discovered an adjacent vestry - where the party looted many robes and accouterments. Some careful calculation and a Passwall spell from Pritchard's staff revealed that the trapped door that had previously espied was a fake, a trap for greedy interlopers. Feeling this chamber to be the safest they would find, the company rested the night without event.

Seeking ever on for the poison sword, the Company explored the other door into the temple, and there witnessed a truly terrifying site. In a massive room centered around a pool of glowing blood, two of the mighty vulture demons and no less that 8 cursed cultists worshiped at the foot of a six armed serpent goddess, turning their glowing blue eyes upon our heroes, and raising their swords. Even as the Vrocks cast spells of darkness, the Company decided to use their better judgment and flee the room, sealing the door with a Hold Portal.

Judiciously agreeing to explore "One Last Room" - the Company entered a massive chamber of stone biers, spying some glinting jewelry on the dessicated corpses within. They were not zombies, nor skeletons nor ghouls. They were mummies and there were seven of them! A battle for their very lives was quickly joined, as the mummies iron limbs seemed to deflect even the mightiest strikes, and their undead touch quickly infected the party with the vile rot that characterizes their kind. Roland and Martin were both brought to deaths door, and indeed the day seemed lost. By some miracle, Martin was able to buy time with a blast from the Sheepshead ring, Pritchard webbed two of their foes, while Audrey and Barnaby bravely stepped to the fore to lay the final blows that would send these villains away to eternity!

Badly wounded and desperate, the tomb was quickly looted, and the party fell back to Malinbois - victorious!

Losses and Loot

The party defeated Ur-Groth the demon, a summoned vrock, six forge-demons, and seven mummies.

For enemies defeated, each of the 7 PCs received 1078xp. The party recovered a dwarf-sized magic apron with an enchantment of fire resistance. After selling treasures they recovered, each PC received 777gp.

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