G155: Boxed in by Bugbears

Date: January 3, 2013
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Glacier, Pritchard Hood, Ja'Tubis, Barnaby Flanders, Roland, Audrey
Hirelings: a hireling of Roland who was slain by night goblins during the venture.


The party headed back to the Chateau, intending exploration of the fourth level. Led by Ja'Tubis through the dark warrens under the castle, we found our way to the limits of our map and a never-before opened door. Beyond the door was a barricade of furniture - and night goblins. Too late we realized we had ventured into the edges of a night goblin stronghold…

The night goblins were quickly overcome, but not before summoning help from hobgoblins. Moments later the party was standing in midst the corpses of almost two dozen foes. We rested briefly and debated if we should press further into the humanoids' territory or if we should retreat - but this allowed goblin reinforcements to circle around behind us in the dungeon. We were boxed in the room by a pincer of two forces, each consisting of some number of night goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.

To break out, we sent a passel of sticks-turned-to-snakes and Pritchard's one-hour zombie out to distract one group while Pritchard blasted the other with a lightning bolt. A brief melee ensued and the party was overwhelmingly victorious - with one exception. Ja'Tubis was unconscious, pierced by multiple javelins.

After emergency healing, we left the dungeon and spent two nights hiding cleverly concealed in the keep above. Refreshed, we returned to the depths.

The colony of night goblins was gone. Exploration began to reveal further secrets of the fourth level - until the party triggered a 40' deep pit trap. Pritchard valiantly tried to save Glacier from the fall via polymorph, accidentally rendering Glacier into the form of a pixie.

[…at this point I ran to the train, so someone else will have to pick up the tale]

Losses and Loot

The party slew at least:
15 night goblins (likely more)
10 hobgoblins (likely more)
6 bugbears
1 Wight
3 or more Zombies
Several giant carrion flies.

In looting the various humanoids we did find, but did not count, a "small but noticeable amount of treasure."

All told each of the participants received 324gp and 160xp per character.

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