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Peugeot examines the cap gloomily. "In my youth, ze finest weavers and tailors of ze magical garments were Amélie and Desirée du Montfort-Ambreville. But zey are gone now along with ze rest of zeir family. Now? Zere are a handful of magicians with some knowledge of clothing to be found in ze city, but I am not sure who would be best suited to the task. And in any case, ze economics of it… zere is a lot of hoarded money being spent with the war at an end, and many soldiers spending zeir back pay, so prices are in flux, yes? I will have to look into ze matter. Call upon me in a week or two and we will see."

Snickwick will visit Peguot one week after this meeting (151 postsession) and, if necessary, again the following week.

"Zere is an enchanter by ze name of Desjardins who may be willing to alter your cap," says Peugeot when Snickwick visits him to-day. "He is not specifically an expert on ze magical haberdasheries, but he is knowledgeable in many household enchantments and claims to have studied with ze clothing witches of Montfort-Ambreville. He says zat he will need to inspect the hat to determine an exact fee, but estimates zat it will cost you somewhere around seven thousand pieces of gold."


Martin will also have to take time off from adventuring if he wishes to work with a musician to transcribe his inner music.

Martin has been working with his hired Maestro since his delve in to the Chateau in session 152 (the expectation is that this cost is covered in the 1000gp paid to the gent for the Goblins training - this is the piece he wants them to learn).

After weeks of working with Martin, Maestro Anton is reduced to tearing his hair out. "This is not a song, it is constant improvisation! Hundreds of pages transcribed and it repeats nowhere!" Martin is also frustrated, as all of Anton's efforts to replay the transcribed tune — whether with strings or woodwinds, with brass or percussion, a capella or with a hired quartet — seem hollow and soulless compared to the music in his head.


Roland would like to visit various shops in Glantri City, both wizardly and mundane in nature. He is looking for a high quality scroll case which will offer satisfactory to excellent protection for the documents kept within.

Scroll cases which catch Roland's eye include a sturdy wooden tube lined with velvet for 100gp, an ivory case whose interior is protectively layered with copper and leather for 1000gp, and a rune-etched silver tube purported to magically protect its contents for 5000gp.

After returning from Glantri City… (moved from the "If You Look Out Your Window" forum reply post)

Roland, in his role as captain of the Company of Crossed Swords and Knight-Consort of the House Marais, will pay a visit to Madame Zenoiste, bringing with him a bouquet of flowers and herbs of an alchemical nature (he picked it up in Glantri City with the aid of Barnaby Flanders, L'Homme Plante) — an expenditure of 200gp. He will heartily welcome Marie to Malinbois, mentioning that an alchemist will be of great use to the Company, the House, and the city at large. Furthermore, he'll make sure to consult with the Company wizards and the archives for any recipes the CoCS may have picked up and are currently unused. Lastly, he will inquire about the costs for potions of healing, a resource which, he assures Madame Zenoiste with a wink, is always in demand.

A middle-aged maidservant invites Roland into Mme Zenoiste's new home. She leads him through a foyer where a pair of carpenters are installing shelving to a small sitting room where the mistress of the house awaits. Zenoiste greets the adventurer with a polite smile and murmurs pleasantries regarding the bouquet, which the maidservant starts arranging in a vase.

Mme Zenoiste thanks Roland for the introduction and for the offer of consultation. She informs him that she will pay handsomely for copies of alchemical formulae that she does not currently possess, on condition that the agreement is exclusive — that any formulae she purchases will not be given or sold to any other party. As to potions of healing, she shakes her head. "I possess formulae for such potions, but my supply of key reagents has been exhausted by the war. If you can procure me such ingredients — most notably troll's heart or the blood of such exotic creatures as the hydra or the so-called 'ogre mage' — I can brew more."

Mme Zenoiste concludes with a specific inquiry. "I have it on good authority that the Ambreville family maintained a subterranean refinery specifically for the creation of potions, oils, reagents and other alchemical substances. Have you found such a place? If you could find it and bring back the Ambreville's equipment and documentation, intact and in full, I would pay a sizable sum. Shall we say… fifty thousand gold pieces, assuming that my sources accurately reflect the contents of the place."

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