G153: Trail of the Devil Baby

Date: December 19, 2012
DM: Charlatan
PCs: Borflet Stinkpelt, Pritchard Hood, Roland, Roland Wolfric
Hirelings: ?.


Pritchard, Roland the Lord Zanzibar, Roland the Equitable, and their companions followed a devil baby's trail to a faerie mansion under an eastern star. Things were strange there. They eventually found themselves trapped in a room by a spell-casting living statue after picking up something that didn't belong to them, but fought their way out (losing a first-level PC in the process). They soldiered through lots of strange and morally ambiguous sights and persons until they found a group of otherwise respectable-looking partygoers nonchalantly attempting to feed a changeling toddler to some unseen thing in a pit. Combat and confrontation ensued. They escaped richer, but there may be a chaotic faerie princeling running around with a chain flail in one hand and a bale of ruten in the other. Happy Almost Autumnal Equinox in Glantri!

There may have been some holiday elements in the night's adventures.

Losses and Loot

Monsters Defeated

6 minor awgwas
4 major awgwas
1 sturdy wood golem
1 spellcasting living statue
8 uncanny gentlemen of various stature

Treasures Recovered

8 platinum discs; an elaborately wrought silver candelabra; 4 bottles of ancient wine of unknown provenance; a twinkling blue gem

After selling their goods and returning a child to human civilization, each PC received 500g. For enemies defeated, each PC received 320xp.

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