G152: Hungry Eye, Heartseeker Arrow

Date: December 13, 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Flendrake Flenthstrom IV, Oromi/Glacier, Pritchard Hood/Charlie Darrowkin, Roland1, Vorn/Roland2


[This summary written by Oban.]

We made two forays into the Chateau.

First, we descended Gallows Tower, two flights down, passed through the secret door (opened on either side by finding and pressing a particular stone) and along the southern wall of the throne room labeled "animated mace." The door on the east wall of that room is not a secret door, but simply concealed behind a curtain or tapestry. We went down the steps there to level three.


There we fought several hellhounds (we killed three and feared the fourth), were ambushed by night goblins (we slew all five), and encountered a scary thing we called a Hungry Eye (a giant floating eye that mesmerized all who looked upon it, miraculously healed itself of damage from moment to moment, and was so terribly cold that we were harmed simply by being near it).

Two notes for further exploration:

  • a room with four watery pools or pits and a pile of jumbled bones and refuse. We examined the room from the door but did not explore or disturb the room, so we do not know what terrible things might lurk in the pools;
  • a room full of spider webs and containing a number of corpses tangled within. We knew exactly what must be in that room, so we did not loot anything, just shut the door and left the likelihood of poisonous spiders for another day.

After repairing to the surface for a few days we returned to the Chateau, this time to the first level, descending the stairs from Moon's Edge tower and moving south.


We found two rooms of note:

  • a room full of broken statues and one, unbroken bronze statue that we spoke with and subsequently removed from the dungeon.
  • The "Guard Face" room which opened to reveal a puzzling chamber with a number of strips on the walls that produced the sound of laughter when touched (or approached - to be honest I had had one too many beers by this point and was no longer as clear on the details). We did not come to any conclusions about the room, but did not spend much time trying either.

We ascended the new set of stairs which led to (I think) Serpent's Tower, or perhaps the Fang (the beer, again). There we woke, then slew, a wight before escaping.

OtspIII, your maps are a wonder and I salute your skill. I made a mistake somewhere along the line and while the hallways clearly line up with the "Guard Face" door, I am not sure exactly how.

Losses and Loot

The party defeated four hellhounds, five night goblins, one hungry eye and one blue mold wight. Treasure retrieved included the six barrels of vinegared wine, several intact weapons and pieces of armor, a talking bronze statue called 'Young Racer,' several marble statue fragments, and a heartseeker arrow.

For monsters defeated, treasure acquired and rewards issued, each player received 274 gp and 88 xp.

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