G151: Floating Disc For The Win

Date: December 7, 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Glacier, Martin, Pritchard Hood, Ja'Tubis, Barnaby Flanders, Roland
Hirelings: Pigtail, one other.


The party arrived at the Chateau on a beautiful day, with sun shining and birds singing. Preliminary exploration of the surface showed no sign of anyone trying to move in on the absence of the orc tribe, so we followed Ja'Tubis' direction down to the fourth level. There Glacier used a floating disc to open a secret door that led to a wizard's workshop. The roughly 40' x 20' room contained workbench and tables, many bits of glassware and seeming ingredients for making poisons (slow-acting, accumulative poisons, according to Martin) and some sort of protective or summoning ring inscribed on the floor. A secret compartment in the workbench contained a spell-book.

After tossing the place and searching for secret doors the party exited and proceeded down the hall to a door. While breaking down the door we were attacked by a phase spider. A brief but intense combat convinced the spider to flee and we made our way inside a 10' x 30' room featuring a font. Martin drank from the magical waters and was imbued with a cheerful outlook and the irresistible desire to sing and dance for the rest of the evening. The rest of the party declined to drink.

The next room contained four strange undead of a nature not previously seen. The room featured several piles of trash, the ghouls, and a strange glowing artifact in one corner. The air was strangely dry. One ghoul spoke, calling itself "Jeanette, who serves the d'Ambervilles" but before any real discussion the ghouls smelled blood and attacked. Ja'Tubis forced two to flee with use of holy authority, and the other two were slain in very difficult combat. Barnaby Flanders was paralyzed and reduced to unconsciousness; several others were wounded. The ghouls were harder to turn and seemed to have something to do with the desiccating influence of the glowing blue artifact in the room. Before we could fully investigate it was realized we were taking damage from the dryness simply from being in the room.

Carrying Barnaby, we left. Six ghouls tried to stop us on the way out, but these were ghouls that Ja'Tubis was able to wave off easily. A short side trip was made to collect a magically hot stone, and we returned to civilization.

Losses and Loot

The party slew two dry ghouls, six ghouls, drove off a phase spider and two more dry ghouls. Retrieved were the magical hot stone, several sacks of spell components and poisons, notes on magical experiments, scrolls of polymorph self, water breathing, and detect invisible. Potions of dimunition, sustenance, longevity, heroism, and an unidentifyable jar of ointment. The spell book contained (detect magic, firewater, floating disc, melt, read magic, sleep, acid arrow, ice knife, insatiable thirst, phantasmal force, ice lance, water breathing).

the party sold all save the spell-book, the scroll of detect invisible, and the potions of heroism and longevity. We also kept the ointment for later identification.

For monsters defeated, treasure acquired and rewards issued, each player received 969 gp and 564 xp.

Also, each player present was awarded 1,000 exp for dealing with the actual real-life melee: there was a brawl between several of the guys who often hang out by the bathroom drinking beer all night. One was repeatedly hit in the head with a metal chair and had to be persuaded to leave. Oddly, despite threats from management about calling them, the police never did arrive.

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