Postsession activity for G150: Floating Disc for the Win


Snickwick will call on Peugot once more, with the intent of discovering the best path to have the Hunting Cap converted into a Gnomish Cap.

Peugeot examines the cap gloomily. "In my youth, ze finest weavers and tailors of ze magical garments were Amélie and Desirée du Montfort-Ambreville. But zey are gone now along with ze rest of zeir family. Now? Zere are a handful of magicians with some knowledge of clothing to be found in ze city, but I am not sure who would be best suited to the task. And in any case, ze economics of it… zere is a lot of hoarded money being spent with the war at an end, and many soldiers spending zeir back pay, so prices are in flux, yes? I will have to look into ze matter. Call upon me in a week or two and we will see."


Will his new found musical zesto, Martin will seek a great maestro!
The finest tutor should do just right, to train a band of Goblin Knights!

A force of joy for one and all, to prance about the dancing hall!
Duelists, lay your swords aside, and with your partner, twirl and glide!

Fiddle and lute, pipe and drum, tunes that make you bounce and hum!
Beat the beats and sing the songs, none can help but dance along!

Martin will spend 1000gp to hire musical instructors to train the Goblings to play instruments and work together as a band. They will focus primarily on the more popular style of music played in Glantri's dance halls, taverns and festival gatherings. He will also work with the teacher to transcribe the music he hears in his head so that all may dance and sing along.

Done! The goblins will be occupied with their training for two months, during which they will not be available for adventuring. The extent to which they successfully learn the use of their instruments will be determined after that time. Martin will also have to take time off from adventuring if he wishes to work with a musician to transcribe his inner music.


As requested, the reminder.

Roland will give to his wife Thoneritte, the Potion of Longevity that they dredged out of the Chateau. He will note that he loves and cherishes her just as she is, and thought only that she may find amusement in it, as well as fulfilling his desire to live as long a life as possible with her.

"Ah, my sweet Roland, this is a wonderful gift! And your kind words do not find an unsympathetic ear. Come, let me give you a gift in turn. Bide a moment whilst I search my cabinet. Petrie, fetch my husband a drink whilst he waits — perhaps the '92 Aigrette."

Several minutes later, she returns with a green glass phial, its paper label marked with alchemical symbols. "A gift for a gift, my husband! It is a potion of stamina. If you are to endure such a long life with me, you will doubtless have cause to be fatigued by my presence. Perhaps this may alleviate the ennui of such a moment."

Additionally, at some point in the week, Roland will attend a rehearsal of Martin's gobling band, tapping his toe and trying to be supportive of his comrade's chosen art. If they suck, he will seek to gather some information from Tertullian, or perhaps Julius Fram, regarding how, why, and what may be done about Martin's condition. If they're really good … he might let it go another week or so. Seems a shame to rob the world of joy!

Sadly, the goblins will not be ready to rehearse for some time to come.

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