Postsession activity for G150

Cut Coutelain

Cut seeks an audience with Blanchfleur to discuss the strategic import of holding the dragon cave. If the Marais continue to feel it is important enough to ward off potential visitors from Sablestone to commit their sergeants, he will maintain his militia there. If not, he will do… something I'll elaborate if it becomes necessary.

"Now that we have made peace with Darokin and our forces have returned home," says Blanchfleur, "I doubt that Sablestone will move aggressively against us. What we most need now are more hands in the fields lest famine strike with our stores diminished by war." She shakes her head. "In any event, my brother will soon be back from Glantri City. You will be taking up the matter with him upon his return."


Frustrated with the lack of vision displayed by the Elder's of Muddlecarp, Snickwick will take matters into his own hands. If they won't initiate him into the order of the Green Cap, he will initiate himself! Only the laws of nature and the great spirits can judge him!

Snickwick will approach Xavius Xtremus, Extreme Mysikal Haberdasher with the same offer he put to the Gnomish craftsmen of Muddlecarp. He would like to have the hunters cap tailored into a traditional green gnomes cap, while retaining all of its magic properties (certain elements like the hat's brim and feather may remain intact). Snickwick will first offer to trade the Sandals of the Traveller for the work (if this is not acceptable - what price?).

The acne'd, bespectacled Xavius peers at the cap in the blaze of the pulsing multi-colored lanterns that occupy much of his tiny shop. "Sure, I can cut and trim this into a pointy hat or whatever," he says, his voice cracking. "No problem! That'll be one thousand gold pieces up front. Do you want the bits or the ashes or whatever back if this little Xperiment gets a bit Xtreme?"

He takes a moment to adjust his false beard while awaiting Snickwick's response.

Seeing Xavius in person, Snickwick reconsiders. Though the Extreme One is in huge demand among Glantri City's younger wizards - Snickwick had assumed that the ripped, singed and be-studded robes worn at their underground all night wizard parties were intentional. Studying the young magus, he is not certain that these styles are not simply mistakes, and treasures the hat too dearly to entrust it to such an reckless and avant-garde fashionista.

Snickwick will seek out his good friend Peugot (bringing a bottle of Rathbone's Liquid Lollipops) and enquire as to the process, risks, and best path towards the reconstitution of the Hunter's Cap into a garment more fitting to a gnome of his stature.


Martin will seek a buyer for the Torc and Bracelet retrieved from the Snake Men battled with Micheline. He will seek buyers who may be interested in the rare and unique properties of the unrecognized metal.

After examining the bracelet through a loupe, scratching it against a touchstone and applying a droplet of clear liquid to it, Peugeot shakes his heavy head. "I am not familiar with zis metal," he says. "Perhaps it is valuable, perhaps not. Who can say? I am sure I can find a wizard to purchase zese items, either to employ the metal in zeir researches or zimply as curiosities." He counts out 2400gp into a small coffer, which he offers to send over to Martin's dwelling by cart later in the afternoon.

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