G149b: Maalathiir's Library

Date: 23 Nov 2012
PCs: Ehric, Lummock, Sami (Morgan's Thief), Urseline (Morgan's Mage), Ajax (John's Fighter)
Retainers: Richon (Fighter, Ehric)
DM: Quendalon


Looking for funds with which to establish the Richard Loubeau Memorial School for Arcane Disciple of Trianoma, Ehric makes common cause with Urseline, a student from Wizard's Hill. Ehric and Urseline agree to undertake an errand for Jean-Marie de Sylaire, who tasks them with the retrieval of a tome from the ruined libraries of the Sage of Malafir. They are given a map which indicates the library far to the East, near Flamberge. Both Urseline and Ehric decide to recruit an acquaintance of sturdier stuff for the adventure: Sami, a thief, and Lummock the warrior. While he agrees to go along, Lummock prods Ehric to recruit another sword-arm from the adherents at the Temple- resulting in Richon, a jobless veteran who agrees to aid them for 100g and some equipment.

After a brief encounter with a country militia, the party rests in what appears to be the only inn and tavern in Flamberge: The Green House, run by Odele. The next morning they set out for the library, forewarned that the countryside is stalked by horrible beasts and insects. The party entered into the rough, dugout tunnels beneath the collapsed tower of the sage. They navigated a number of round, cavelike rooms connected by twisting passages, discovering odd piles of goods apparently taken from previous explorers. At one point, a screaming man ran by them, pursued by enormous ants. Discovering potential allies, he turned to join them in a stand against his pursuers. After the party dispatched 3 ants and chased a fourth away, the fighter introduced himself as Ajax. The members of the party took him into their number, but promised him only a share of the coin they discovered.

The party cautiously explored tunnel after tunnel ending in dead ends and collapsed ceilings until they discovered a large chamber with a number of exits, one of which was marked with a chalk drawing of a bull's head. The adventurers thought about it, and decided it was a propitious astrological sign. In they went! The tunnel had a charnel odor, and terminated in a chamber heaped with dead bodies near a firepit. Disgusted, the party left the chamber only to be confronted by its tenant- a salivating minotaur- in the tunnel. After a vicious melee in which Lummock and Richon nearly lost their lives, the creature was slain. A shiny metal key on a chain around the minotaur's neck opened a door in a nearby chamber. Behind this door was a field of pure dark and silence, but emerging from that field the party discovered The Lost Library of the Sage Maalathir. They retrieved a number of tomes, including the one they were tasked to retrieve and an illuminated catechism of a forgotten god of Law. The adventurers were able to escape with their prizes, and were reasonably certain an injured traveler named Joseph survived.

Oh, and there were rat-men. RAT-MEN! But quick thinking from the party left the rat-men distracted and munching on rations rather than pursuing the adventurers. Huzzah!

Losses and Loot

The tome of the Azure Crescent (returned to Jean-Marie for 10k gp)
A prayer-book of a lost God of Law (taken by Ehric, returned to the Temple of Trianoma)
11g in coin, 2 daggers, a small blue ornamental stone (discovered by Sami), key to the Sage's library (held by Urseline), a minotaur's sword (held by Lummock)

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