G149a: Wyvern-Bones and Magnet-Stones

Date: 20 Nov 2012
PCs: (Martín), Snickwick, Ja'Tubis, Pritchard Hood
Retainers: (Arthas, Hath), Prospero, Odd, Gathring, Brandore le Grande
DM: Quendalon


Having rebuilt the components of his "Pneumato-Hydraulic Contrapulator" which had been damaged or destroyed after leaving the device beneath Mazenod's Watch for over a year, Snickwick chivvied his fellow Company members to return there activate the device. Once the Company negotiated safe passage from the area's talking rats, Snickwick employed the mechanism to lift a massive stone block which had blocked an access corridor leading toward the Chateau dungeons.

Exploring the area beyond the lifted block, the Company looped around to find a cave exiting to the hillside beneath the Chateau proper. A narrow ledge overlooked a shallow pool twenty feet below — a pool full of bones and scattered coins. When members of the party descended to gather the coins, bones predictably assembled into an animated skeleton. Perhaps less predictable was the nature of the thing, for it was a skeletal wyvern! The following battle was ferocious but swift, as Pritchard Hood's magic and the Company's blades made short work of the thing. Thousands of coins and a few bits of jewelry were promptly recovered from the pool

  • Activating the contrapulator.
  • A conversation with the People (rats).
  • Skeletal Wyvern

Meanwhile, on Barsoom

Martin and two red Martians are rudely thrust through a crude portal and into the glare of the blinding Barsoomian sun. The bleachers around the sandy arena is ringed by hundreds of bloodthirsty Tharks, chanting for the blood of the three prisoners. While Martín and the slave Hath desperately scramble to find cover behind some rubble, the noble Arthas looks defiantly up at the Boss Jeddite and casts his spear through the hand of the great green war chief. This act of defiance will be his last, as a massive, six armed white ape is set loose upon the prisoners, tearing the doomed rebel limb from limb! In a pitched battle, the wily Hath distracts the beast while the mightly Martín Le Black goes blow for blow with the mightly goliath. Despite the seemlingly insurmountable odds, the Myrmidon triumphs (though Hath's life was lost). A new hero is discovered inthe badlands of Barsoom!

Losses and Loot

For adventures under the Chateau, each character receives 286xp and 236gp. Henchmen receive 118xp.

For defeating the Girallion, Martín le Black receives 1600xp.



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