G149a-c Postsession

Postsession activity for Wyvern Bones and Magnet Stones, Maalathir's Library, and 149c.


Ehric spends:

  • 400 more gold towards the establishment of the Richard Loubeau Memorial School for Arcane Disciples of Trianoma (total 1443 now)
  • 63 gold towards stabling, brushing and apples for Chevy and Lumiere
  • 2000 gold researching Richard's Stand, which is basically spiritual weapon except that the force is shaped like a sword, and there's an outline of a luminous figure wielding it


  • Lummock is frustrated by his flimsy, clumsy armor. He wants to commission a suit of field plate, and a stronger shield to match.

Lummock hires the armorer Madigante in Glantri City to produce a suit of field plate. This will cost 2000gp and should be ready around session 153. It offers the same protection as plate mail but is only as encumbering as chainmail.

The stronger shield will cost 200gp. It will be reinforced by metal crossbars and a central boss, making it resist breakage from an enemy's critical hit — unless the attack involves supernatural power or truly grotesque strength.

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