Postsession activity for G148


Snickwick spends 1600gp to stock a workshop for his needs, then sets to work. He crafts replacement parts for the Contrapuator and a sheaf of ten oil bolts before embarking on a series of experiments to design a self-igniting oil bolt. Unfortunately, his experiments prove somewhat more volatile than expected! The castle guard is mobilized to fight the resulting fire. Snickwick himself runs screaming from the workshop, his cap and hair ablaze. He spends the next week recuperating from his burns.

Offering his sincerest apologies, Snickwick will dedicate his energies to cleaning and restoring the damaged workshop (as much as is possible in his condition), even as his mind races with the revelation that has come to him during his research.

While Roland's gift was a more than pleasant surprise - he now recognizes the cap for the clear sign that it is. A fine green hat - one that makes his scent invisible even as the power within him has manifested to make himself invisible from sight. Coincidence? No. A sign from the Great Spirits. The time has come, Snickwick knows he is ready to join that sacred circle of wardens and protectors of the forest and all gnome-kind, the Green Caps. Once healed (Snickwick can cast Cure Light Wounds), Snickwick will travel to the Muddlecarp burrow, using his new-found invisibility and the assistance of his animal friendship to pass unmolested by any roving patrols of Darokinese.

Upon his arrival, Snickwick will approach the most talented haberdashers of Muddlecarp. He will propose that in celebration of his indoctrination to the circle of green caps, the Hunters Cap should be remade in the fine form of a Gnomish point (assuming this can be done without affecting the magics). In exchange, Snickwick will offer the craftsman the of the Traveler which have sped him along in his many journeys.

Richard Loubeau

The Last Will of Richard Loubeau

Herein I set forth my last will, but Trianoma willing not my last testament. If my pleas have been answered and I have been entered into her thrice-blessed service, my protege, Ehric de Clevis, is to execute these instructions.
Ehric is to establish a house for the training of arcane Disciples of Trianoma. For this he is to receive what monies I have accumulated. Alas, I know that these will be insufficient to the task, and so I entrust to Ehric my shield and any equipment unnamed below, so that he may recover treasures to glorify the Three Aspects in all Her Glory. Among a number of useful mundanities, there is a potion against poison there given to me by Salvatore- may you never have cause to imbibe it, my friend.
Ehric shall also see to the care and feeding of Chevy and Lumiere, or find homes for them as is fitting.
The glorious and most holy blade Darkbane is to be entrusted to the care of the Temple, until a champion, more worthy of the charge than I was, presents themselves. Perhaps there is one among the ranks of my adventuring company- Josephine shall be the judge.
My armor and my spellbook shall be remanded to the incipient Disciple's house. The former should be a reward for an Disciple doing great service to the Temple; the latter a resource for the training of new Disciples.
I know that Trianoma’s priesthood has few members that can instruct an Disciple in these enchantments, but I believe it will find in Pritchard Hood a suitable tutor. In hopes of inspiring this service, Ehric shall remand into Pritchard’s custody the notes and journals of arcane research I have authored and collected; they are in my cell at the Temple of Trianoma.
Last among my possessions: there is a ring that I brought back from our journeys to the south, before the war with Darokin. I want this token to remain with my comrades in that journey, but I cannot decide who should be the bearer of it. I trust the precocious wisdom of Audrey Carcassone in the making of this decision, and she shall safeguard it in the meantime.
Finally, I ask Ehric to contact my father and brother and alert them to my demise. I may have failed my parents’ dream of establishing a wizardly household, but the too-brief education on the Hill that they provided was not entirely wasted.

Ehric le Cleris

Ehric spends all of the money left to him by Richard Loubeau (943g) to begin the groundwork for his new school.

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