G147: Releasing the Succubus

Date: 9 Nov 2012
PCs: Richard, Ja'Tubis, Snickwick, Roland, Pritchard
DM: Quendalon


  • Mazenod's Watch
    • Talking rats
    • Snickwick's machine vandalized
  • Onesiphore's Tower
    • Gold coins under debris are a rattle-trap
    • Jean Dore, a wizard goblin hermit who wants books and pork
    • Pritchard: "I don't have any books or pork on me right now."
  • Into the dungeon
    • Learning bout the Featherhead goblins (Jean Dore) and the Blackfingers (the House goblins of the Ambrevilles)
    • Richard grabbed by a gargoyle, Ja'Tubis saves him with a fear spell
    • A wight and zombie attack
    • the Fungus Gardens of Li-Feng
    • Attacked by ghouls
    • The mysterious Sara, who is revealed to be a devil summoned by Mandor
    • discovering the personal correspondence of Roche d/Ambreville, no a mindless corpse puppet in Sara's control
    • The party is vexed by a secret door with a slim, arched gap cut in the stone waist high.
    • Pritchard says: "We shouldn't fall into the trap of thinking that everything new that we find is something old that we knew."



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Casualties and Treasure

For enemies defeated, each PC received 235xp. Each PC received 1,100gp in treasure, split with henchmen as appropriate. Ehric the Cleric is now properly level 2.

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