147: Postsession

Postsession activity for G147


Flush with cash and inspiration, Snickwick will pursue the research of a number of new ideas which have taken hold in his fertile mind. He will request that the Marais allow him to use their workshops (he will happily do this during nighttime hours to avoid being underfoot).

  1. Supplementary parts and materials for the Contrapulator: 100gp
  2. An improvement to his Oil Bolts invention - the new latest iteration will incorporate a structure of flint and steel that will spark and ignite on impact: 1000gp
  3. A production run of 10 standard oil arrows (25gp each): 250gp
  4. A production run of 5 self-igniting oil arrows (50gp each): 250gp

These prices are my best guesses. The important part is that he wants to spend 1600gp.

Snickwick spends 1600gp to stock a workshop for his needs, then sets to work. He crafts replacement parts for the Contrapuator and a sheaf of ten oil bolts before embarking on a series of experiments to design a self-igniting oil bolt. Unfortunately, his experiments prove somewhat more volatile than expected! The castle guard is mobilized to fight the resulting fire. Snickwick himself runs screaming from the workshop, his cap and hair ablaze. He spends the next week recuperating from his burns.

Pigshit Pat

Pat has been spending a lot of time meditating on the wild powers of his blood. The importance with which arcane magic is viewed in Glantri has convinced him that mastery of the arcane arts is his best hope for widespread recognition. For his fourth level special ability he's trying to get a better spell progression chart—effectively switching over to being an elf or custom class or something. I'm fine with changing my XP track or even losing my thief skills or whatever, but I guess my ideal here is just to make Pat a 3rd level elf (8k XP) and the special ability can be thief skills or the class switch-over itself or whatever feels good.

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