Postsession activity for G146: Chagahn Undead


Following his previous attempts, Snickwick will continue his study of the Dream Journal in an ongoing effort to increase the effect of his innate illusory abilities.

In his weeks of somnorific research, Snickwick has had several dream visitations from those ancient and wise Gnomus who had been able to combine the energies of two or more of their spells, to empower, or shift their effects (the archetypal example being Green David, who could fly around the world in a single night, leaving gift baskets for all the good little gnomes).

In his effort to use the dream-illusion theory of the Dream Journal he will meditate on some manner to imbue the motive force of his Hold Portal spell into his Mirror Image. What the effect might be, he cannot say - perhaps his illusions become more numerous or resistant, maybe he can leave his images behind him as doorjams, or perhaps he simply conjures a single image with much greater functionality and will.

Snickwick has invested 600gp in exotic incenses, pillows filled with the dried petals of Nightblossom, a nightcap woven of the silken underbelly of the Dream Moth, and other strange sleep aids outlined in the Journal (though he stays away from some of the strong psychotropics and hallucinagenics associated with the more exotic dream-illusions).

On a related note - Quendalon (or someone else), would you be able to reproduce the spell list included in the book here? I'd like to add it to the Grimoire/Magic Items Pages - pretty sure this had a name and spell list.

Cut Coutelain

Cut purchases another week's food for his militia, and tries to visit all the squads over the course of the week to hear what they've observed.

Richard Loubeau

Richard accompanies Josephine to the talks between the Marais and the Darokinese representatives.

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