G145: "They've Taken Our Dungeons & Dragons!"

Date: 17 oct 2012
PCs: Snickwick, William Silence, Ja'Tubis, Pritchard, Roland, Cut
DM: Quendalon


  • Investigating Eznigar's den, and discovering it fortified by invaders who have absconded with our dragon
  • Venturing to the Chateau, and finding it seized by said invaders
  • An attempt at stealth leads to Snickwick's capture
  • Freeing Snickwick leads to a long and desperate pitched battle which the party narrowly survives
  • The party seeks refuge in the Chapel of Law hidden on the third level
  • After two days, the party takes their refuse and ventures to the surface, exiting through a little-known passage to the Ambreville graveyards
  • The party escapes to the Chateau Marais with a prisoner in tow, and trophies from several captains of Sablestone
  • Meanwhile, Josephine has led a sortie out from Touraine to break the siege of Glantri, and her fate is unknown (as is that of Richard and Audrey)

Losses and Loot

  • an enchanted warhammer (some type of powerful enchantment)
  • an enchanted sword (minor enchantment)
  • two enchanted shields (unknown characteristics as of yet)
  • a pair of magical boots that resize themselves to fit the owner
  • an enchanted pouch of holding containing maps of the Chateau grounds, and the Donjon
  • a wand of firebolts
  • coin and jewelry worth a total 3,800gp
  • (gilt plate armor worn by one of the Sablestone captains) <- was this sold?
  • (fine robes and belt worn by one of the Sablestone captains)<- was this sold?

For enemies defeated, each PC received 616xp. Each PC received a share of 633gold.

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