G145 Postsession

Postsession activity for G145

Cut Coutelain

Cut will ask Pritchard and Blanchfleur for permission to raise a small militia to harry the roads to the Chateau and the paths to the dragon cave until the Sablestone force is eradicated. He'd like to focus his recruitment efforts on the Elves and Halflings displaced from Glantri, and secondly on accomplished woodsmen. If the Marais support the effort (in particular, if they will provide sergeants), he'll contribute up to 750g to buy equipment and pay salaries.

Blanchfleur is willing to support such a venture, so long as the Company can put forward a full-time commander to direct and lead the operation. The experienced Marais sergeants are already overextended managing untrained footmen, but she can put forward a handful of longtime men-at-arms if need be.

There are eight halfling refugees from Glantri City in Malinbois, including Cut's cirrhotic cousin "Doublebock" Coutelain. There are also hundreds of human refugees camped outside the walls. Many of the fittest have already accepted the Marais coin and been sworn in as soldiers; their occasional shouts and yelps of pain rise from the Chateau de Marais as their sergeants train them mercilessly. Of the rest, some are helping the townsfolk weed the fields or assemble rows of crude permanent shelters, while others remain curled up under blankets in abject misery, there in the mud and the rain.

Describe Cut's efforts in gathering his militia.

Cut takes an inventory of how many days of iron rations were left in the bag of holding and pouch of holding when the company last left the chateau.

About enough to last 20 people for a week.

He then writes a message to the White Lanterns describing the machinations of the Ambrevilles with Sablestone, and asking if any Elves, Gnomes or Halflings they know would be interested in helping to suppress a secondary invasion from the North, offering a salary, food, and a promise to work with the local Prince to identify housing after a brief campaign.

As Cut does not spend any money to hire a messenger, he entrusts the note to a random traveler heading south. Fortunately the message arrives speedily, and just a few days later Cut receives a reply from Harald Cheesemettle of the White Lanterns. Cheesemettle indicates dismay at the prospect of a second invasion and requests further information to determine to what extent his people can be withdrawn from their duties in Touraine.

He then enlists Blondie Billyup to help in canvassing the taverns and refugee camps, looking for outdoorsmen who may have chafed too much at the regimented Marais forces but still know their way around a bow. Cut is looking for nimble archers, who can retreat into the woods after a few volleys of arrows and report movements to the Company and the Marais. (By the book, archers are 5/10g per month for human/elf, doubled in wartime. So I assume demihumans will be 20 per month. Cut is egalitarian, so he will offer the same month's salary to humans who have a bow and a good reputation among their fellows. Depending on the reclaimed food, he can hire on between 20 and 40 for the month into his militia, and is willing to spend another 100-200g on administrative costs and recruitment)

In their search for archers who have their own bows, Cut and Blondie turn up three grizzled locals who complain that the Marais have "put them out to pasture"; nine younger locals with poor reputations due to dishonesty, drink, or other antisocial qualities; and twenty-three others who have no reputation because they're not from New Averoigne and none of the locals recognize them. In addition, Gildor the woodsman is willing to join, but since he would have to set aside his business of leading "adventurers" to various local sites, he will require payment of 100gp per month.

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