G144: Nice Day for a Wolf Wedding

Date: 10 oct 2012
PCs: Pritchard Hood, Hanna Darrowkin, Roland Zanzibar, Cut Coutelain, Audrey
Henchmen: Mustardseed the Elf, aka Moutarde, aka Dijon (hired for 100g up front)
DM: Quendalon


  • Divinations in Touraine
  • Roland attacked by Jeanoui (Ennui?), a former suitor of Thonerite and werewolf
  • Great ceremony
  • Touraine for dewolfing
  • The Twisty Caverns Leading to the Tomb of the Forgotten King
    • Giant Spiders
    • Giant Frogs
    • Bear-Lobster
    • Semi-carrion crawlers
    • Land Eels
    • Wandering, wandering, wandering
    • Toppling an obelisk in frustration

Losses and Loot

By minor miracle, Roland was not killed while fighting a werewolf in his nightgown.

  • PCs who fought the werewolf gained 125xp
  • PCs who explored the tomb cavern complex gained 193xp
  • PCs who attended the wedding gained 1d6x100 -> 600xp
  • The tiny topaz recovered from the bear-lobster's lair was sold for 100g, or 25g per PC

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