G143: Showdown at the Smoking Owl

Date: 25 Sept 2012
PCs: Prichard, Cut, Roland, Barnaby, Ja'Tubis, William of Silence, and Snickwick

With no intentions of wasting time, the party made their way up to the Chateau and went hastily for the reliquary on Level 4 that they had been excavating for the last several weeks, pausing only to repair some damage to the walls of the Chateau in order to make the home of the orcs more easily defensible.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Their first relieved artifact was a flask of liquid, the removal of which summoned a small horse-sized dragon. Fearing the worst, the party members attacked the dragon with all their might, and to their great surprise they struck it down in a mere two rounds of combat. William of Silence took 2 points of damage from one of the dragon's claws, but no further injuries were sustained in the battle.

Emboldened by their success, the party turned their attention to the blacksmith's hammer, guarded by a great 10 foot tall golem of iron. The golem pummeled Cut mercilessly, but a flurry of magical blades, hammers, and missiles quickly reduced it to Swiss cheese.

From here the party claimed a wand of polymorphing, which summoned the wizard who used to wield it. Ja had cast Silence 15' Radius on the painting the wizard emerged from beforehand, however, and the wizard was quickly cut down before he could activate his wand.

The final challenge came from a spellbook, guarded by a horrific dream illusion. Roland took the book from the altar and was sucked into an illusion in which he was forced to refight his battle against the ogre that cut down his old master, Lord Zanzibar. Fearing that his wild swinging meant that he had turned on the group, Prichard cast Web on him, allowing the ogre to pummel him without impediment, but Ja's casting of Protetion from Evil 10' Radius reduced the fight to a stalemate while the party tried to figure out how to destroy the web without burning Roland and the book. Half an hour of hard work eventually rescued Roland from the spell, and he dispatched the ogre readily, revealing it to be a strange faceless dream ghost.

From here the party decided to go to the surface to drop off their treasure. On the way up they ran into three friendly adventurers-turned-wights, which Ja wisely recruited into the Glantrian military. However, the meddling of other party members and the appetites of the wights sadly led to the devouring of many city guards and barmaids at the Smoking Owl in Malinbois. The local nobility obviously suspected the Company of Crossed Swords for being somehow responsible for this, but had more important things to worry about, with the closing march of the Darrokin military.

Casualties and Treasure

  • a flask of fluid, possibly Potion of Control Dragon
  • a magic hammer, designed to create magic items (traded for a magic sword)
  • a spellbook of dream magic
  • a wand, probably of Polymorph

The party sold three portraits depicting Gaston the Elder, On├ęsiphore and Ferand d'Ambreville, from which each PC took a share of 61gp. For defeating a phantasmal dragon, a phantasmal golem, a phantasmal wizard and a hallucinatory ogre, each PC gained 435xp. The PCs who defeated the three wights at the Smoking Owl gained an additional 21xp each.

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