143: Postsession

Postsession page for G123.


Snickwick would like to begin a study of the dream journal, in an effort to master some of the more progressive illusory theory contained within. While his Gnomish magic is innate, Snickwick suspects that the work wizard XX may offer some unique insights into the nature of the mind and reality.

As he is fairly low on capital, Snickwick will ask to use the research facilities established at the Marais manor. If needed, he can offer his labor as payment as an assistant in the construction of additional golems for the defense of Malinbois.

Snickwick will study the dream journal to discover a way to alter his mirror image ability in one of the following ways…

  • Rather than creating additional images of himself, Snickwick can change his own appearance to create a compelling illusory disguise.
  • Snickwick is able to create more images per use (perhaps +1 image or 1d6 instead of 1d4).
  • Instead of having multiple images in the same place, location, the images can be commanded individually to perform different actions and movements.

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