G142b: Martín Le Black in Micheline's Wandering Tower

Date: September 27
PCs: Martin & Company / Snickwick & Friends.

A Holiday with Micheline.

With the Darokinese forces marching steadily towards Glantri City, many of the City's nobles and wizards are fleeing for safer climes. Sensing an opportunity for wealth, adventure (and perhaps even a bit of romance), Martín agrees to escort the the sorceress Micheline in her flight from City of Wizards. With his menagerie in tow, Le Black travels to the Micheline's mysterious tower.

Upon arriving, Le Black finds the teenage sorceress and her hunky entourage ready for travel, though no horses are to be seen. The vehicle of their transit turns out to be the tower itself as Micheline explains that her magics can transport the entire structure to distant and exotic locales.

The party assembles in a large room inscribed with arcane sigils in the basement of the tower, and Micheline begins the ritual. The air becomes charged with magic, and strange energies swirl through the space. In the center of the room, alien landscapes can be seen to pass through their view, faster, faster, and ever faster… suddenly, the tower gives a great heave! Something has gone awry during the ritual! The tower is suddenly filled with a savage jungle farscape, a crude ziggurat dominates the skyline and three horrible snake men leap through the portal and attack with vile magics and wicked clubs edged in black glass.

"The ritual has been intercepted!" the young wizard cries, redoubling her efforts on the spell. The snake men prove to be fearsome foes - casting vile magics that seek to twist martin's very body, and lashing out doubly with their vicious clubs. Many of Micheline's handsome entourage are slain, and two of the Goblins are wounded to the brink of death (alas, it appears poor Beaurice may never wholly recover). But ultimately the Snakeman are defeated, and the destination is reached.

But what is this place? The sky is of an alien shade, and unfamiliar bodies populate the dome of the heavens. The landscape is barren ochre, and Martin's limbs feel lighter and stronger than ever! Clearly this is some distant land, or even another dimension! Micheline Identifies the place with a strange and unfamiliar name… "BARSOOM".

Gnomes Flee for the Hills!

In the meantime, Snickwick convinces his two boon companions, Grittlesby and Frognettle, that the city is no longer safe. Befriending a herd of deer, the gnomes travel hidden in their midst and make it to the safety of the Muddlecarp Burrow, tucked high in the hills between Curenze and New Averoigne. This was a very uneventful journey, just like Snickwick likes it! With his friends safely ensconced, the gnome will return to Malinbois.

As an aside - Snickwick's little Golem is complete. A free-thinking tree spirit agreed to occupy the magical juniper wood of the Golem's construction.

Casualties and Treasure

The party defeated two Snake-men and one even more snakier Snake-man - torc and a bracelet of a strange alloy were recovered.

Two of Micheline's henchmen were slain. Millipede and Beaurice were gravely wounded - Beaurice's appears to have suffered some nerve damage and lost some use of one arm and one leg.

For monsters defeated, Martin receives 1450xp, each of the Goblins receive 245xp.

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